Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time Out: Spring and Summer Young Honeymooners: Go, Make Love and Make a Baby for Heaven's Sake!...

"Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo. Now if you wanna go And get away from it all, Go down to Kokomo..."

Show me a honeymoon couple who doesn't want something like this for their big week and I will show you neurotics or curmudgeons, not full, whole persons...You can practice custody of the eyes if need be at the beach (like anywhere; the gift of the ocean belongs to us), but not towards one another!---SH

2010: Demographics is destiny, or, make babies, not bureaucrats..."A new Pew Research Center study released this week indicates that 20 percent – 1 in 5 – women aged 40-44 is childless. This is an all-time high for the United States; never before in its history have as many of this group not been mothers. Not surprisingly, there is a concomitant lack of marriage amongst this cohort as well, with 40 percent of the childless also being single and never married...More

--->Here has always been our "Kokomo"...

Ecclesiastes 3:4 "To every thing there is a season...A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance".

"God gave you a body. Go out then and walk in the rain!"---GK Chesterton (i.e, there's nothing wrong, obviously, with feeling one's "body in the sand" or the exhilaration of a mountain top, etc. The gifts of creation, properly received in balance, can hardly prejudice modesty and decency, whatever others do or make of it all. If we surrender the ocean's beaches, what will we surrender next? Decent people should flood such beautiful places.)

--->Please note I am writing about the honeymoon and the beach above. As for a wedding on the beach, well that's a No-no I believe...

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  1. A nice article that blasts the notion that Catholics have a somewhat manichaen attitude towards sex. But it does raise a question. What about those couples beyond childbearing years, are they not allowed to enjoy marital relations? And those that can,t concieve for medical reasons, are they to be celibate?

  2. Hello, Roman. Church teaching is clear that couples beyond childbearing years should enjoy marital relations as always, unless by mutual consent they make a choice to be celibate as some always have. Either choice is legitimate.

  3. PS---And hey, the media is always deliberately and cynically caricaturing Catholics as kill-joys, when the truth is Catholic believe in both fleshly joy and the joy of prayer. This is the meaning of being whole human beings, per the wondrous creation.

    The calling to celibacy and oblation Jesus said is a special, not ordinary, calling for special souls who give themselves for us all in Christ. What blessed wholeness / totalizing the Church represents! No aspect of the human person is shut off from all other aspects whereas sheer decadence / nihilism (our culture) shuts off and represses the most important aspects of whole humanness, the spiritual, except for the neo-pagan perverted kinds that reinforces the decadent, alan Alan Ginsberg's perversion of Zen.

  4. Oops---that last line should read "...ala Alan Ginsberg's perversion of Zen"

  5. Oddly enough, there's no one more passionate than Catholics. To have God in on one's marriage sacramentally means you're co-creating with Him whether it be procreatively or celibately, and there is thus a God-given dignity (and holy freedom) in intimacy that one finds nowhere in self or other or the world. At any rate, "Kokomo" sounds the very same to old people! I wish folks could be married on the beach -- how awesome would that be -- but not even Christ offered Mass there. Plus, there'd be no end of complaints from the organist.

  6. And I always wish you and your bride back to Rockport, always always, if that makes you both smile from the inside, out. Well, I wish you back there always always any whichway, because how could it NOT do that?! It's the Atlantic! His other Tabernacle, and our own "calling away to rest." Sorry if I'm crabby here at times. Always, always I'd rather be sky-blue, here.