Friday, March 11, 2011

Time Out: Game of games...

For those who have spent a few hours playing outdoor chess there is no need to explain the joys of it, especially on a Spring day or summer morning. I cannot think of Harvard Square, Cambridge, over the years (decades!) apart from the game of games. The moment one sits down to the board strangers are no longer strangers but friends even when competing ... at any level.

So many would rather lose at this game than win at others! Every school or homeschool should make chess a mainstay. It teaches fairness, truth, humility and problem-solving all at once.

If I were Blogging Today
by Carol O'Reilly

If I were blogging, I'd blog about today's tv priest who drew a smile from the heart, and rather inexplicably so -- the whole Mass just brought back one's childhood, how nice it was to pray, how nice it was to neither judge nor be judged for a few minutes, to feel that God's love was still open to one, and that all was well. What a difference a priest--for-Christ can make.

And I would mention yesterday's mourning doves; both the one near my house, and the one near work, who were so busily cooing into the mist, have gotten lucky. I saw two pairs on the telephone wires.. it's all they know --to pair up-- and so I have grieved with their solitary little selves for a couple of weeks.

And I would of course write of the lilac buds, so explosively close now to leave-ing, like a kid on the line of puberty, except that one doesn't mind the lilacs blooming. And the spiky tops of the beginning tiger lilies -- do they ever fail, I wonder? No! I'd have said so, and this morn a Kiwi in Australia sent us all photos of places on earth from Astronaut Wheelock. Utterly phenomenal. Were I blogging, I would sum it all up by shouting, "This ain't from some freaking Wiccan goddess, people!"

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