Friday, March 25, 2011

The Revelation of Truth and the State

Church and State? from Mark Mallett on Vimeo.

WE hear it more and more today: there needs to be a greater separation between Church and State. But what is really meant by some is that the Church simply needs to disappear. In this prophetic and instructive webcast, Mark sets the record straight as to what the proper role of the Church and State are in human affairs… and how the Church urgently needs to raise her voice of truth at this late hour.

Ida, returning from her visit to him, said after I asked, "He must be near to 85 now, and has been ill for quite some time. I bring him two small meals each day, stack them near the microwave; and he eats most of it. He looks so frail. It pains me to see it. I don't think he can live alone much longer. He has already fallen and broken a hip. But he wants to die at home. He only gets a little mad if I question him on this too much. He has a look that tells you to Stop. She peered out the window and smiled.

It is hard to imagine, she said, seeing him now, that he was arrested several times protesting the war. One time he spent several weeks in a cell alone. Then the judge mercifully suspended his sentence. He said he would have stayed there for years if need be. And there is no question he meant it. And for as long as I can remember he spent Fridays in front of the abortion clinic with his sign that said, "Please don't". That's all it said, "Please don't".

Today he says he can only pray for priests, and for his loved ones who have passed on, and feed his little birds near the door for Christ. "Only?," I said to him. "That's a beautiful thing, to pray for others and to feed God's little creatures". He nodded, sipping the coffee I make him, "it is". He has always been such a Christ-like man. Every morning began with Mass for as long as anyone can remember, just like his parents before him. They were such beautiful people too, though they suffered much from the other children. Now he participates in the Mass by the TV. He can only say one decade of the rosary now and a little of the Jesus Prayer, sometimes less, because he forgets the words. That made her pause.

He sounds like a lovely man, I said. "Yes. He is a beautiful man". I told Ida with some emotion that she was a very beautiful person too.

--->Latinos, blessedly family oriented...Will they save America from itself...?

--->Bless the Peruvians! Peru court upholds presence of crucifix in public places...

--->"The young mother started shaking and said she couldn't do it..."

--->Japan reactor core may be leaking radioactive material, official says...

--->Muslim Brotherhood a Rising Force in
a New Egypt...

Saints Say to Pray for Priests

Fr. Stefano Manelli, O.F.M. writes: We know that St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the angelic Carmelite nun, just before she died made her last Holy Communion for this sublime intention: to obtain the return of a stray priest who had renounced his vocation. And we know that this priest died repentant, invoking Jesus.

We know that there are more than a few souls, especially virginal souls, who have offered themselves as victims on behalf of priests. These souls are favored by Jesus in an absolutely singular way.

Let us, then, also offer prayers and sacrifice for priests, for those in danger and for those who stand more firmly and securely, for those who are straying and for those who are already advanced in perfection...

St. Nicholas of Flüe, a famous Swiss saint, father of a family, bluntly told anyone too ready to point out the faults of priests: "And you, how many times have you prayed for the sanctity of priests? Tell me: what have you done to obtain good vocations for the Church?"

One time, a spiritual daughter of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina accused herself in Confession of having criticized some priests for their less than worthy behavior and heard Padre Pio forcefully and decisively reply: "Instead of criticizing them, think of praying for them." ~ Excerpt from Jesus Our Eucharistic Love by Fr. Stefano Manelli, O.F.M. Conv.,S.T.D. ~

Note: And let's not forget that by far the great majority of orthodox priests are morally and theologically faithful; and they suffer on account of the Christophobic media's cynical, exclusive focus on those who are not. But as in any denomination, so in the Church of Jesus Christ, there will always be some who fall, because Jesus said the wheat and tares grow together inside His beloved community. And he said "scandals must come" because we are all human. While countless humble and faithful servants of Christ go daily about their prayers and works of mercy, the media ignores them. Scandal is always 'sexier,' and helps to justify the transgressions of those secular pharisees who divert attention away from the self-same sins they condemn in others. Our prayer can help any vocations in trouble and (spiritually) uplift those who have in fact fallen. The latter, rightly, might not be restored to active priesthood if the sin is grievous, but surely these can be reconciled to the Father through Jesus Christ. Even times of scandal can help all of us sinners to grow, and to purify ourselves and the Church through penance.

--->The US Media Banging the War Drums Loud and Clear...When the US and Nato forces decided to go to war with Libya under the disingenuous pretext of a humanitarian mission to save lives the US corporate media took it upon themselves to bang the drums of war just as...Cont.

--->NY Archbishop Dolan to recommend Irish seminary at Maynooth be closed and that all Irish priests be trained in the Pontifical Irish College in Rome according to the Irish Catholic newspaper...More

--->Japan disaster: over 27,000 dead
or missing...

--->Napolitano Warns Police Chiefs About Evolving Terrorism and Domestic Extremism – Lauds DHS ‘Fusion Centers’...[Click] "America faces a "constantly changing" terrorism threat that includes expanding partnerships among al Qaeda-inspired terrorist groups, said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano."

Note: Recently Russia's Vladimir Putin publicly deplored US foreign interventions as becoming a "trend" [Click] and warned against these. He even astoundingly said that those responsible for the deaths of civilians in Lybia "should pray for the salvation of their own souls" [Click]. Is it not precisely foreign occupations, planetary wars, hundreds of active military bases around the globe and Orwellian style "humanitarian bombings" (sic) that is making us more and more paranoid simply because we think "blowback" {see label below) then becomes more and more probable? May God help us to see reason, bring the troops home, and begin minding our own business in the true sense. Then we will fear less and produce more constructively throughout the world.

--->Fr. Corapi case: "There is no evidence at this time that Fr. Corapi did anything wrong..."

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