Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Pill's Deadly Affair with HIV/AIDS

by Joan Claire Robinson, PRI

The world's deadliest killer, HIV/AIDS, and the Birth Control Pill have been carrying on a secret and deadly "love affair" for decades. While women swallowed their “freedom” with the morning orange juice, studies that should have made global headlines yellowed in medical journals, unknown to the general public. Only doctors learned about the pills deadly affair with HIV/AIDS, and they were too busy writing prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives to talk.

More than 50 medical studies, to date, have investigated the association of hormonal contraceptive use and HIV/AIDS infection. The studies show that hormonal contraceptives—the oral pill and Depo-Provera—increase almost all known risk factors for HIV, from upping a woman's risk of infection, to increasing the replication of the HIV virus, to speeding the debilitating and deadly progression of the disease.1

A medical trial published in the journal AIDS in 2009—monitoring HIV progression by the need for antiretroviral drugs (ART)—saw “the risk of becoming eligible for ART was almost 70% higher in women taking the pills and more than 50% higher in women using DMPA [Depo-Provera] than in women using IUDS.”2

Studies aside, it is well known that HIV/AIDS strikes more women than men. Some would argue that this is a result of the desire of men for young—and presumably uninfected, sexual partners. Few are willing to discuss a more obvious explanation, namely, that the Pill and Injectables render women particularly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

How serious is the problem? Oral contraceptives and Depo-Provera are among the world's most popular and prevalent contraceptive methods. According to one study, "More than 100 million women worldwide use hormonal contraception.”3 In America, hormonal contraceptive rates are over 52% in unmarried women—those at greatest risk of HIV/AIDS. Moreover, in the interest of lowering the birth rate, the UNFPA and USAID continue unloading boatloads of hormonal contraceptives on Africa, Haiti and other AIDS-ravaged developing nations.

The best meta-analysis done to date, done by Dr. Chia Wang and her colleagues, surveyed the consensus results of the 28 best published studies since 1985. They found that the “significant association between oral contraceptive use and HIV-1 seroprevalence or seroincidence … increased as study quality increased.” In fact, “Of the best studies, 6 of 8 detected an increased risk of HIV infection associated with OC [oral contraceptive] use."4

On the National Scale

Moreover, Wang's results showed even more of a Pill/HIV link when they limited studies to those conducted on African populations. This is significant for two reasons:

First, sub-Saharan Africa is home to the world's earliest and largest heterosexual HIV/AIDS epidemic, which to date has infected an estimated 22.4 million5 people. This is two-thirds of the total number of infections worldwide. Second ...Read it all

--->And condoms, it's "in fact playing Russian roulette. A lot of people will die in this dangerous game...(click 1)" And what about the establishment's oral cavities...(click 2)?

Report: Israel "culling
Ethiopian Jews"

---> Israel's treatment of Ethiopians 'racist'. Nazareth: "Health officials in Israel are subjecting many female Ethiopian immigrants to a controversial long-term birth control drug in what Israeli women's groups allege is a racist policy to reduce the number of black babies..."

--->The Sacred Fire of Woman...

--->Mayor Bloomberg gets hostile reception at St. Pat’s parade in Queens, NY...

History and Ground Zero

The first so-called 'NWO' media [absent our hyper-technology on route to today and the first hyperreal "atheistic global civilization" (click 1)], were the network of Masonic Lodges established all over the West after the Lutheran revolution. This was all aligned to the increasingly pervasive "Invisible College (click 2)" of the infamous magus "OO7," John Dee (click 3) and many others, which, assisted by international finance, served as the 'network' of secret revolutionary anti-Christian societies and errors, which the world chafes under today.

click It spread under the artful pretext of 'empiricism' when in fact it was philosophy mixed with alchemy and many other hermetic - occult currents shaping all data in a predetermined direction. A Ground Zero of a "New" world, at it were.

From the first it all had only one real enemy, the Catholic Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; miss that and you miss the whole picture and are left with only fragments, shards of truth. In our time, as Leo XIII said, they

"no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings, but, openly and boldly marching forth in the light of day, strive to bring to a head what they have long been planning - the overthrow of all civil society whatsoever".---Pope Leo XIII, Quod Apostolici Muneris, 1878.

Alas for error, in time it always collapses under its own weight. And we see signs of it happening already, all over the world. The horses have long been out of the Lodge's barn (which may kindly serve bean suppers today)---and that's what Catholics are dealing with, the ideas which were set loose and are lethal; especially its disfigurement of the concept "liberty," which has has been transvalued to mean license.

--->"The Catholic Church's New Evangelization effort is not an attempt to present the Gospel again to people who did not understand it the first time, but to present the Gospel in a way that makes sense and gives hope to modern men and women, said the general secretary of the Synod of Bishops.... The document said bringing people back to Christ will be impossible unless there are efforts to evangelize increasingly secular cultures, to evangelize increasingly diverse societies and to evangelize the media, the economy, politics, science....'

"...the roots of modern apostasy lay in scientific atheism, dialectical materialism, rationalism, illuminism, laicism, and Freemasonry which is the mother of them all." ---Pope Pius XII, May 23, 1958 A.D


  1. E Michael Jones is right, the violation of the natural order produces monsters to punish those who dare defy it. The sexual libertines who thought they were 'free' from the responsibilties of reproduction and chasity are now sterile, sick, and in many cases dying.
    The Masonic system which the founders believed would 'free' mankind from the so-called spiritual tyranny of the Church, merely paved the way for the tyrannies of the various socialisms that bloodied the last century and the Islamic resurgance of this century.
    Yep, the monsters are on the prowl, and we've better get the cross and holy water out to send them back to hell before our civilization goes there too.

  2. I have a friend who I worked with for some years and he is a Mason. And believe me we have the most engaging discussions. He's a thoughtful person, also a physically handicapped person. He listens. I haven't been able to move him ahead yet. But he's listening.