Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peter Singer's 'Heavy Petting'

By Laura Vanderkam
The Daily Princetonian

Peter Singer has a nasty way
of pushing everything to the extreme. His arguments on abortion try to induce the reader to believe that unless you think all contraception is immoral, you should support abortion up to the time of birth and then infanticide for 30 days afterwards, just for good measure.

But Princeton's favorite ethicist has gotten tired of defending killing disabled babies and has now started defending something completely different: bestiality.

Yes. In his essay "Heavy Petting," published at nerve.com, Singer reviews Midas Dekkers' "Dearest Pet," a treatise on the long and storied history of humanity's not-so-platonic interactions with animals. Singer also throws in a few ideas of his own and tries to frame the debate in the same set of extremes. If you're not willing to disapprove of all non-procreative sex, then you should reconsider the taboo on bestiality. After all, since sex doesn't have to result in babies, and since we all know from reading various Singer texts that we're not so different from animals, it's not an offense to our dignity as human beings to have a little fun with the family pet now and then...Read it all

Note: Imagine that Princeton would take pride in and keep on a genteel madman like this. What it tells us about (post)modern education---or should. But do tell the young people to keep away from the zoo and barnyard with this man of, er, Ecology.

--->Princeton Professor Peter Singer: "And I repeat, I would kill Disabled Infants..." (Click)

--->Alex Jones Culture Jams The View (Watch)?

Or did he exploit a man's celebrity, a man in the thralls of addiction and / or mania, for ratings? Jones said he talked to Charlie Sheen prior to the train wreck on Jones' show last week and was aware that Sheen was manic, "pretty wound up", but Jones, a master of self-publicity, wildness and half-truths, strained credulity by saying he thought it was just a bizarre excitement, "Charlie's passion for life," similar to the kind of mania Jones said he sometimes felt a week or so after he gave up coffee and cigarettes in the past. In any case, Jones has wasted no time hitting the television and radio shows, evidently thrilled that Sheen's meltdown on his show opened up the big top for him.

I don't give a dam about Sheen's stupid Sitcom or money, but he is a hurting human being (even his famous father, Martin Sheen, attests) and Jones should not have lured him knowing how "wound up" he was---or allowed the meltdown to happen. Not once did Jones attempt to diplomatically end the troubling conversation and fade to commercial to save his "friend's" already tottering reputation. I think Jones' exploitation of the situation is a new low.

--->Twilight Zone. Hawking predicts time travel. Humans one day could be able to use time travel to "skip generations into the future," according to Trekkie physicist Stephen Hawking...

--->Saudi activists eye protests, wait for
new cabinet...

--->Pro-Abortion Terrorist Arrested... [I think it is a hopeful sign that the gov't showed evenhandedness here]

--->US, S. Korea launch war games amid N. Korea threat...

--->Oil prices climb as Iran tensions

--->UN reportedly set to adopt report praising Libya's record despite moving to suspend the Arab country's council membership amid international outcry over attacks on civilians...

--->EU tells Israel: Mideast turmoil makes peace talks imperative. Hungary FM tells [Avigdor] Lieberman that time is pressing, Israeli-Palestinian talks remain core issue...

--->Queer 'Art,' Abortion and the Desire to Provoke Open Warfare. This is what they want. "Catholic" USF’s 2011 "Global Women’s Rights Forum"...Opening night performers will include Jessica Robinson Love, the lesbian same-sex “married” director of Counterpulse, a "provocative" San Francisco theater space; Lenelle Moise, an openly lesbian woman who has performed at the National Queer Arts, Homoagogo and Estrojam Festivals, and Amara Tabor-Smith, who is one of the curators for the June 2011 "This is What I Want" festival. "This is What I Want" is an official event of the 2011 "National Queer Arts Festival..."

Note: They mean business. The desire, following their own unnatural desires, is precisely to provoke violence and so make the secular powers pounce on the Church towards the final demolition. We'd all be branded "terrorists" then. You see the game? Prudence. It is Jesus Christ they attack. Such are our times; no ordinary time. Read Peter Singer again above for a little taste of the cultural sty. If we do not pass on to others these examples of shock theater being used against us all then we are part of the problem. True, we are well beyond shock, but that's beside the point.

One Body: 'Communion' Reconciles the 'Mystical Body of Christ' and the 'People of God'. "Drawing upon his own doctoral dissertation on the Church in the theology of St. Augustine, Ratzinger shows that the people of God are what St. Paul calls the "body of Christ." The essence of the Church is the people of God as the Body of Christ, head and members united by the Holy Spirit in visible communion with the successors of the Apostles, united with the Pope as successor to Peter."---Fr. Matthew Lamb (Emphasis mine)

--->Updated: Morals War within Judaism: We can see a sameness in the denunciation of decadence here (click 1) and here (click 2) and here (click 3). Numbers 1 & 2, are written by Jewish persons and essentially agree (though not in every assertion, perceived innuendo or detail) with the denunciations of decadence found in No.3, written by a non-Jew. We can hardly tarnish all Jewish leaders then with the same brush, anymore than we would want all Catholics to be so tarnished on account of those who have grievously fallen within our own communion. Warning: No. 3 contains graphic, nastily instructive images definitely not suitable for the young. Make your own decision to look or not. It is important I think to start with links 1 & 2. Please note: All opinions expressed at these sites reflect the views of the writers alone, though each particular post linked to has I think something important to say. But there can be no carte blanche for the content at these sites in general or for other websites anywhere. I am responsible for this blog alone, not the views of others.

A further note: No race is intrinsically superior to any other. Color is of no significance when it comes to morals, the Faith teaches. Behavior is what matters. Behavior = culture. And behavior can change for the good or corrupt.

We gather, not scatter, recalling ourselves and our neighbors back to the sanity of family and moral living in opposition to the lethal nihilism of the decadents.

"Knowing that what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap."---Gal 6:7

--->2008: University of Notre Dame president approves V-monologue performances. The sexually explicit play favorably describes lesbian activity, group self-abuse, and hedonistic sexuality. One scene depicts the lesbian seduction of a teenage girl, which is described as the girl’s "salvation"... Too, "Success Stories: Colleges and Universities. " Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom 55.4 (2006): 211-212. Research Library, ProQuest. Web. 31 Mar. 2010. This article talks about how the University of Notre Dame will continue to allow a gay film festival and the play "Vagina Monologues" on campus, its president announced April 5.---Wikipedia [Intellectual "freedom"? It is rather the herd; "He who commits himself to sin is a slave" Jesus said, Jn 8:34]

--->The War Party’s Atrocity Porn By William Norman Grigg...

--->Yemen President Accuses U.S., Israel of Fomenting Unrest...

--->Google snoops strap Street View cameras to Tricycles to look around parks and footpaths...

--->Julian Assange says "Jewish" conspiracy behind WikiLeaks smear campaign...

--->Candy Shack: Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard says it is "unfair and imprudent" to conclude that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, shouldn't receive communion simply because they're living together...

--->Guardian: The Awful Truth. Education Won't Help
. Jobs For Highly Educated Westerners Going Offshore Fast..."Western Europeans and Americans are about to suffer a profound shock..." (Click) "Knowledge work", supposedly the west's salvation, is now being exported like manual work."

Note:Young people might consider getting into medicine and other professions / trades needed in any state and which will not likely be outsourced or automated.

--->Leading Republican claims Barack Obama grew up in Kenya...(click) [Wild times, no?]

--->Goodbye Solvenia, we hardly Knew ya. Welcome to population control, the demolition of family values, national traditions and a new world "order"... [Qui bono?]

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  1. I'd like to see Singer make love to a gorrilla! That might cool his passion for beastly sex!

  2. Yes, but the poor gorilla to wed such a 'man'!

  3. I should add however that as long as he has breath there is hope that Singer could become a man. But can one summon the humility needed for this after such a career? But then I remember the Good Thief...I'll have to try to remember him at Mass.

  4. I think it's sad that the Jews can't put enough pressure on their co-ethnics to stop producing porn. It will be up to the Christians to do it if we can stand up to the 'anti-semite' smear. If we can't or won't, we'll hear "Springtime For Hitler' or Allah Akbar being shouted next!

  5. Surely rabbi Lapin, Dr. Judith Reisman (and how many others?) are trying. Bob Guccione was Catholic, recall. Larry Flynt, wasn't he a gentile? Its seems to me there is a very ecumenical viper's nest which is contributing to the vortex of evil and the corruption of our young. Those at the top of media in general could not do it without the assistance of those at the barely lower rungs. But yes, they must all be called out Jew and gentile.

  6. And how could I forget to mention Hefner?

  7. As you pointed out, various ethnic groups are involved in porn. However self-styled Jews are the ones in charge. They are the one's who finance it, own the production and distribution companies, and provide most of the on screen talent. If you wish to get an introduction to this unpleasant reality, the Culture Wars site has a couple of articles on it.