Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Happy? Be Conscious.

Many people in the West think they are not happy because of quasi-social or personal issues: like "self-esteem," having the right job or position and so on. But this only shows that the bigger issues have been lost sight of, i.e., the major blessings which too much of the world does not have, and which---if we only stop to think about it----are the real things that ought to make for practical happiness.

Do you have clean running water flowing into your home? Don't take it for granted. You are happy.

A refrigerator to keep your food fresh, at just the right temperature, whether summer or winter? Don't take that for granted either. You are happy.

An indoor toilet? Imagine how unhappy you would be if you didn't have that?!

An indoor stove (forget the microwave for a minute!) upon which to cook your food to ensure cleanliness, safety and taste? You have more than many people in the world.

Indoor heat, electricity? Think about it. What if each of these blessings were stripped from you one by one? Need I say more?

I could go on and on. Forget the overabundance of things like television, microwaves, 'entertainment centers'. Those are luxuries which ought to to make us blush. Jesus said "Guard against every kind of greed; a person's life consists not in the abundance of things he owns" (Lk 12:15). As someone said, you are happy, "if you only knew it".

So the next time you pass a faucet or take a shower, think about what you are doing. Be conscious. Don't wonder whether yours is as good as the neighbors' but rather live in awe that you have such blessings now. The next time you turn on the tea, think about what you are doing. And ask God that others who are without may also come to have such blessings and happiness.

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