Monday, March 14, 2011

Stephen Hand, Atila Guilamares and Traditional Catholicism

Atila Guimareas, the editor of Tradition in Action has proven to be a serious disappointment to many of us traditional Catholics. What accounts for this in the main I think is his lack of objectivity and obvious animus when it comes to the popes of Vatican II, which lack of objectivity weakens his overall credibility even in those areas where his criticisms are, arguably, more plausible. It is one thing to proffer constructive criticism of decisions or actions / non-actions of the popes, but it is quite another thing, for example, to publish sensationalist photos (JPII sitting with a woman and blond child, etc.) out of all original context hoping that innuendo will accomplish what facts cannot. It is also another thing to make Jansenist-like strictness a substitute for traditional Catholic balance in life and doctrine.

In many ways, Guimaraes is, time has shown, like the most extreme pseudo "traditionalists," to the extent that any exculpatory facts are hidden by him; only viciously framed propaganda will serve his obviously unbalanced agenda.

There is, alas, poison in his meal.
I once gave Mr. Guimaraes the benefit of the doubt and even reached out to him as I was very hard on him in the past (very few are all wrong all of the time and this holds for him as well as anyone), hoping he would steady himself and rely on constructive criticism in time, as so many others have done, even some of his former colleagues in polemics. But that hope has not proven true, alas, and even those former colleagues have had to distance themselves from him.

It was enlightening that, when I asked to interview him in a webcast to explore all of this and other things, he refused unless all questions and his replies were provided in writing beforehand. Mr. Guimaraes was not prepared for a serious discussion. That should surprise none, it has become clear.
Genuine Catholicism can stand up to facts without fear, but schism and near-schism avoids serious scrutiny. People like this prefer to "pontificate," I'm sorry to say. Traditional Catholics should stick with the more balanced traditionalist apostolates.

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