Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Passes for 'Science' and Thinking...'Humanity Does Not Exist'

New Statesman: [Golem] Unnatural: the Heretical Idea of Making People: "We human beings persist in thinking of ourselves as a unique species, endowed with special insight into a universe that we can manipulate. In fact, this notion is based on unexamined myth...

"At one time ranked among Britain's most influential scientists, the crystallographer J D Bernal (1901-71) recognised no limits to the power of science. A lifelong Marxist and recipient of a Stalin Peace Prize, Bernal believed that a scientifically planned society was being created in Soviet Russia; but his ambitions for science went far beyond revolutionising human institutions. He was convinced that science could bring about a transformation in the human species - a planned mutation in which human beings would cease to be biological organisms. Bernal's dream was that human society would be replaced by what Philip Ball describes as "a utopia of post-human cyborgs with machine bodies created by surgical techniques". Further ahead, Bernal envisioned "an erasure of individuality and mortality", in which humans would cease to be distinct physical entities. In a passage Ball cites from his book...

"Bernal's strange fantasy shows how science can be a channel for ideas that owe more to mysticism than to dispassionate study of the world. The idea that human beings might shed the mortal flesh to enter a realm of deathless light harks back to the ancient religion of Gnosticism, while the belief that science can animate dead matter and fashion artificial human beings renews the visions of the medieval alchemists. The fact is that science has often been used as a channel for myths in which human beings acquire magical powers. Predictably, this has generated counter-myths in which science is demonised as a semi-diabolical force...

"Bernal viewed religion with contempt, yet in thinking of "the rational soul" as a spark of consciousness imprisoned in the material world, he was reproducing a conception of human nature that is quintessentially religious. Among evangelists for "scientific humanism", the notion that rationality is the essence of humankind is an idée fixe" ...Aiming to demythologise our thinking about humankind's place in the scheme of things, Bernal reproduced an ancient myth of salvation...Despite Darwin, the classical Greek view of things has not been abandoned. The idea that humankind has a special place in the scheme of things persists among secular thinkers [Who do not see how Genesis demythologized the ancient world---SH]. They tell us that human beings emerged by chance and insist that "humanity" can inject purpose into the world. But, in a strictly naturalistic philosophy, the human species has no purpose. There are only human beings, with their conflicting impulses and goals. Using science, human beings are transforming the planet. But "humanity" cannot use its growing knowledge to improve the world, for humanity does not exist....Read it all... (emphasis mine)

Note: There has long been a need for serious thinkers---far above us blogsters---to set up think tanks---philosophical and [truly] scientific---to keep an ever vigilant watch on what passes for 'science' in our time, especially in view of Aldous Huxley's warnings about the joining of the military-industrial complex and so-called "transhumanist" [occult] technologies which has unhinged from all traditional ethics, wisdom. When research and development dollars are funneled their way, it is man himself who is targeted. And we must ask why. It will do no good to bury our heads in the sand; all of us---especially our children and grandchildren, have a most grave stake in the outcome. Any notion of a 'scientifically planned' society must be rejected. The Ant Colony lay that way. Mary Shelley warned shortly after this New Atlantis of a nation was founded that any unnatural tampering with human nature will in the end turn on the 'scientists' themselves---and the village. Only the villagers, sane human beings, can restrain them---and IT.

--->Bill Joy's Warning: Why the Future Doesn't Need Us. Our most powerful 21st-century technologies - robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech - are threatening to make humans an endangered species, says Bill Joy, cofounder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems... [& Follow label on 'transhumanism' below]

--->They are clueless and can explain nothing of their own existence but what they have been conditioned and programmed to think and say...

"Thou art ensnared with the words of thy mouth, and caught with thy own words...Scornful men bring a city into a snare: but wise [men] turn away wrath"---Prov 6:2; 29:8

--->Rolling Stone: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators. "The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war, Rolling Stone has learned..."

--->Alexander Cockburn Down a Few Notches: Calls Castro a "once great revolutionary...; Cockburn mixes some common sense with his own political eccentricities in this interesting piece.

--->Julian Assange plea after extradition defeat: 'Make this case bigger than me'...

--->DN Video: Glenn Greenwald on the Assange Extradition
Ruling...; if ultimately extradited from Sweden to the US for publishing classified documents Assange could face the death penalty.

--->Icelandic Parliamentarian Calls U.S. Subpoena of Her Twitter Account over WikiLeaks Involvement "Disturbing"...DN Video Interview

Note: There is hardly a nation on earth that would ignore the releasing of classified documents, even if in a free society there should be a presumption in favor of greater [though not unlimited] openness. But to talk of assassination or the death penalty for those free speech and antiwar advocates involved in this or similar cases is clearly wrong when there are more humane alternatives which can serve if a decision is made to punish.

--->The First War on Terror: What the fight against anarchism tells us about the fight against radical Islam. "Both the CIA and the KGB learned from the techniques of the [anarchists], and the authorities today still cling to the notion that policing terror sometimes means encouraging it...

--->First we must reform our lives, then the Church, says Pope...

--->Video Report: Exodus from Ireland and it's ravaged economy... "They're turning Ireland into an old folks home"

--->Gaddafi says protesters have no genuine demands, are being dictated to by Osama bin Laden...

"The world holds us to be fools. Let us hold it to be mad"---St. Francis de Sales

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  1. I must confess that a) I think one of the Brothers if not also one of the Fathers (if not also one of the first disciples) would've been a blogster; and b) I place little faith in think tanks; not even the great Popes who engaged the world on its own ever-descending terms and confronted science as well as waded through philosophy were truly seminal thinkers.. only God has the original mind and we can but tap into it, so I would suggest, especially since secular organs take decades or centuries of harm or death to declare something harmful or deadly, that God-dedicated people need to people any humanity-think panel --for life (i.e., atheists think too highly of dust and spittle, and too little of God's will for Man).

    I saw part of that Nova show on robots. Not sure what scared me more -- the substantial list of songs about loving a robot, the conversation with the wire-y fellow on the sofa, or the little girl walking hand in *hand* with a robot. We are so sick!