Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wasting Precious Time. A Family's Decision

A family writes, "We greet you as a family trying to imitate the Holy Family. We would like to share our story with you for the glory of God and in praise of Jesus and Mary. We are a couple married for twenty-eight years and have two young adults. We were a family with two passions - God and television. A certain time of the day was devoted to Mass and the Holy Rosary, yet it was given often begrudgingly by all members of our family because it collided with the various different TV programs. The moment prayer was finished our adoration began. Not the adoration of the Eucharist, but of the television. The four of us would sit glued to the set, often without a word spoken among us for hours except maybe to comment on Vera Duckworth’s perm or who was going to win Spin the Wheel.

When the kids went to bed after spending "Quality Time" with the beloved Telly, my husband and I would carry on our shift with the TV. Hours and days of precious God-given moments were wasted, until one evening a particularly grotesque and unbelievably inhuman scene flooded our living room and our minds. Suddenly, my husband said, "Let’s get rid of the Television". We all thought he had lost his marbles, it was so remote we thought he was out of control, pardon the pun! As the dirt and filth continued to light up our TV screen the idea became more and more inviting, naturally quicker to us than it did to our children. So after a lot of discussion and yes, prayer, we ridded ourselves of the box, we dumped it, still with feelings of doubt. Yet after a while the doubt among us soon dispersed as true family life set in.

Without the television, we came to know one another not only as a wife, a husband, a son, a daughter but as individuals. We began to live our lives, and our minds, our hearts and our soul were awakened to a lot of things,- to God’s love and beauty in nature, to each other, to every grace and blessing given to us as a family. Praise Jesus! Our home is now a home of love, joy, openness, communication and a house full of life and soul! Not just a house with four people and a Television.

Today a crucifix fills the place where the TV used to be…We thank God for this grace He has given us and we ask pardon for all the precious moments spent in front of the box…" (See information about the damaging effects of much TV) [Source: Fr. Lane]

Note: The above is not placed to hound. I am aware that many keep a TV for news and [completely, truly] good movies, an occasional decent program. These are aware of the aim of many programmer's to program / shape the public into becoming "one mind" and so are careful to detect and avoid such lies and seductions (subliminal or overt). It is not the center of their lives. But for many others who can doubt the Television absorbs the family, and little by little shatters it---to say nothing of the spiritual life? Especially with children. We need to realistically assess what the effect is upon us as persons and as families.

--->Father (formerly Abbot) Joseph: The Way Down is the Way Up..."Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted....(click)

And please don't miss Father's wondrous Mop Up Operation: "...since I see much of the world imploding by force of its own depravity, and since I’m grieved at the apparent inability of many (including myself) to open hearts to the Gospel—not in the abstract but in its practical applications in the real world—--I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way many people are going to be saved is if they are rescued at the last minute as they are departing this world. In a sense, I’m being spiritually placed in the last hours of souls. When all else fails, I’ll come in to mop up the mess with abundant prayers and offerings of the Divine Liturgy to save the souls who have slipped through everyone else's fingers...(click)

Note: That is jaw-dropping love for persons / souls...Fr. Joseph writes, "Since the merits of Jesus' Sacrifice are infinite, I accept names from anyone who cares enough to send them! I'm hoping it will bear fruit in a deeper contemplative life -- and hence more grace for souls!"

--->Zero Tolerance: "My scientific and intellectual mind now did not help me at all. I went around in the room, I was trying to get back into my body, but this flesh of mine...

--->In Our Troubled Time, Priest Boom? "The uneven distribution of priests in the world is still remarkable, but is easing a bit, the newspaper said. The ratio is changing not only because more priests are being ordained in Africa, Asia and Latin America, it said, but also because the average age of priests is much younger in those regions than in Europe and North America, so the death rate is lower...

--->Benedict's call of Higher Ed to intellectual charity: In his diagnosis of the crises facing Catholic religious education in America, the Pope made it abundantly clear that failing to orient the whole curriculum toward Christ, and indeed the whole life of the university, "weakens Catholic identity" and "inevitably leads to confusion"...Moreover, many Catholic colleges and universities have for years neglected to implement the canonical norms called for in "Ex Corde Ecclesiae"...

Obama Platform: We wage planetary war and disenfranchise the poor.

A Gingrich (or Romney) Platform: We will wage planetary wars and disenfranchise the poor better.

--->"Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight..."

--->Military-Industrial - Lockheed, Northrop chiefs ask Congress to pass 'defense' budget, [more hundreds of billions of dollars that could feed the world, help the sick, change enemies into friends...]

--->War Economy: From Pentagon, a Buy Rating on Contractors...

--->Italy seeks EU help to cope with Tunisian influx...

--->Ka-ching: The New York Stock Exchange up for sale in ‘stealth deal’ with a German company set to aquire 60% of the exchange...(click). "Almost stealth like, but slowly and surely, foreign conglomerates are buying the assets of the United States. It was not until the Soviet Union finally fell that the assets of that country were finally stripped and sold to oligarchs and privatized. In America, the asset stripping is being done in broad daylight under the noses of an unsuspecting and uninformed public. "

--->Rent Control enabled many in NY (and elsewhere) for decades to find a way up the economic ladder, out of poverty. But once they got up the ladder many pulled it up behind them, bought up huge amounts of the property and turned much of it into exclusive million dollar condos. Remember Gentrification? Urban gentrification refers to the socio-cultural displacement that results when wealthier people acquire property in low income and working class communities. We often hear American's are going to food panties in greater numbers to ward off hunger. But we seldom hear that they must resort to this because they cannot afford their rents and mortgages, assuming they are not on the streets already.

--->Egypt's Military Dissolves Parliament; Calls for Vote...

I blame the moguls more than her, but she is old enough to sell her soul too; time to wake up, girlNot with Bang but a Whimper in Gaga Land. The wench arrives at the Grammy's in a giant egg. (It was above all the moguls who laid this egg). The 24-year-old pop 'star' arrived early at Sunday's Grammy Awards in L.A. -- encased in a giant egg and hoisted in the air by several scantily-clad men...(click) [Note: Two things you can count on---nay three. 1. America oddly adores and praises itself endlessly, just as 2. Hollywood does ITself, and 3. We have never in 50 or more years produced popular art of any serious quality, only decadence as with this bloody cracked egg. Our true artists (click) are largely starving ---or scorned as Norman Rockwell was in his day.]

--->Fox News Insider: "Stuff Is Just Made Up..."

--->21 Signs That U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted... [How I hope this is not the case!]

Chicago surveillance cameras displacing police--->Mayor Bloomberg not alone in telling bad Irish jokes -- such wisecracks a staple for many politicians...

--->Panoptic Chicago's vast network of 10,000 high-tech surveillance cameras
costing 60 millions dollars would be better spent on hiring police officers----jobs!---ACLU says...

--->Sandro Magister on the Vatican's flunking the Italian bishops on the dismal
new church architecture...

--->Budget Priorities and Bailing Out the Reckless Rich: As Mr. Obama Submits his $3.7 Trillion Budget Plan, our representatives are once again pondering the future of Social Security and Medicare, even as total 'defense' spending requested for FY 2011 was more than the total defense budget request of $855 billion for FY2010... Military spending for perpetual war is expected to grow while domestic spending will remain flat or worse. Social Security for the elderly and Medicare for the sick are a sacred contract-trust and---the GOP would do well to note--- political Independents will take care to note any tampering with those promises made and to any government raiding of pensions and the like.

Meanwhile, the poor and working class, unlike the bankers - lenders and specualtive investment / mortgage houses, are not bailed out (though many are kicked out of their homes) even as the "top 1 Percent in this country control 42 percent of financial wealth in the U.S. – How Average Americans are Lured into Debt Servitude by Promises of Mega Wealth. The bottom 90 percent have been saddled with 73 percent of all debt. In other words much of their so-called wealth is connected to debt. Debt is slavery...". The private sector in the last few years has been caught red-handed in predatory lending, driven by greed. The shameful bailouts amount to a new kind of socialism where the peoples money is redistributed to the top 1%. That is a crime. Foreclosures need to cease, a manufacturing base must be reestablished here and those who take their businesses overseas in search of slave labor should be either deprived of citizenship or taxed like never before until it hurts real good.

--->Recall Sticker Shock: $23.7 Trillion Bailout...? And the banks are not lending, bankruptcies are through the roof. So far I've heard that the bailouts for the reckless has actually been somewhere between 8 and 20 trillion dollars, with some tending to one side and others to the other. In any case the poor and working class get saddled with the bill. Justice?

--->Debt now equals total
U.S. economy...

--->What's in Obama's Budget? Is it an attack on the Middle Class...(click)?, and why do the elites constantly attack Unions when even the Popes support them?

True of False? The French Revolution and the ratification of the US Constitution happened in the same year. A: ǝnɹʇ, 9871


  1. There is something I have been thinking about for a long time. In addition to fasting from food a fast from TV may be in order this day and age. For many, particularly those in divided families, getting rid of the TV may be out of the question. But cutting down, particularly during Lent,is certainly doable. Also, cutting down on the computer is also in order, particularly when we consider that the TV can be seen as merely an appetizer for the main course that the computer serves up!

  2. Fasting from TV. Well said, Roman. If we will avoid what is certainly bad, it remains good to fast even from what is in itself not bad. Others will choose to be rid of it completely. Thank you for this.