Sunday, February 20, 2011

UK Food Industry Comes Under Attack For Being Secretive Over Nanotechnology in Food and Drink

Would you like some nanonencaspsulated flavor-enhancers with that? No? Well we may get it anyway.

...Nanotechnology involves whittling common materials down to the size of microscopic particles, allowing them to acquire unusual [Yes?] properties.

Nanoparticles have been used in cosmetics and sun-cream products. They can help create foods which taste the same as conventional alternatives but have lower fat, salt or sugar levels, or enrich foods with supplements, or even be used in packaging to extend products' shelf-life.

Nanotechnology is also being seen as a successor to genetically modified (GM) techniques. This week Professor John Beddington, the government's chief scientist, said GM crops and developments such as nanotechnology must be embraced to avoid catastrophic food shortages and future climate change.

But today's warning from eminent scientists including Lord Krebs – the former chairman of the Food Standards Agency – is the third in two years, after calls from the Royal Society and the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution for more stringent safety checks...

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Research has shown that nanoparticles can penetrate into places larger particles cannot go, such as through the "blood-brain barrier", which stops toxic molecules passing from the blood into the brain [Yes?]. They find their way into vital organs including the kidneys and liver [Yes?], but precisely what they do in them has yet to be fully investigated...Read it all

--->Georgia Miller, Global Research: Following on from genetic engineering, nanotechnology represents the latest high technology attempt to infiltrate our food supply. Senior scientists have warned that nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, introduces serious new risks to human and environmental health. Yet in the absence of public debate, or oversight from regulators, unlabelled foods manufactured using nanotechnology have begun to appear on our supermarket shelves... There are four key focus areas for nanotechnology food research:

• Nano-modification of seed and fertilisers/ pesticides
• Food ‘fortification’ and modification
• Interactive ‘smart’ food [Yes?]
• ‘Smart’ packaging and food tracking...Read it all

--->How Close Are We to a Nano-based Surveillance State...?

--->Kids who skip school are tracked by GPS...

---->Tax dollars at work: Masters of Space Video Here - The Wrong Stuff (follow subsequent parts at YouTube)

--->Nothing Sacred. Elites becoming ghouls in Belgium...(click) Are not some men becoming ghouls in rejecting the Christian message? No longer accepted as the image of God [not politically correct] we are increasingly and cynically viewed as ecologically hazardous things, meat, by the madmen at the top. This is where the Nihil ends ---in the sewer. The Church buries her dead respectfully, solemnly, and with prayers and Love. Let the land grabbers give back the lands and trillions they stole and we will have plenty of room to bury our dead in dignity. Cling to the faith and call men and women back to reason, sanity, and away from pagan atrociousness. The TRUTH is that, even apart from its costs to taxpayers and, worse, the toll in human lives, it is planetary war that is the worst polluter on the planet...(click)

--->Alex Nagorny, 94, Under Investigation In Germany For Nazi Killings; key witness in John Demjanjuk's trial...

--->Homeless Irish Man Forced To Eat Ear During Brutal Gang Attack...

--->David Armstrong on Anti-catholic apologist James White's Bogus "Doctorate" Issue Redux: Has No One Ever Interacted With His Self-Defense? / White Takes His Lumps from Baptist Peter Lumpkins...

--->New start available for those who accept Christ, says Pope...

--->Walking, Tossed, Through Whirling Tempests...

--->Washington Post: Increased U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan killing few high-value militants...

"A real friend stabs you in the front"---Oscar Wilde

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