Tuesday, February 1, 2011

St. Augustine and the "Subverters"

The "Subverters":Taunters against the Faith and morality are of course nothing new, only the media changes. In Augustine's day the Roman Bread and Circus was a brutal form of media and spectacle, 'frenzied ecstasy of an agitating crowd, witnessing and reacting to a common event'--(Click). But also the schools. In fact Augustine was counted among the taunters before his conversion. While a student he joined the hipster 'herd of independent minds' of the day---attaching himself to what he called "a vagrant liberty":

"... Those studies, also, which were accounted honourable, were directed towards the courts of law; to excel in which, the more crafty I was, the more I should be praised. Such is the blindness of men, that they even glory in their blindness. And now I was head in the School of Rhetoric, whereat I rejoiced proudly, and became inflated with arrogance, though more sedate, O Lord, as You know, and altogether removed from the subvertings of those subverters (for this stupid and diabolical name was held to be the very brand of gallantry) among whom I lived, with an impudent shamefacedness...

"And with them I was, and at times I was delighted with their friendship ... that is, their subverting, wherewith they insolently attacked the modesty of strangers, which they disturbed by uncalled for jeers, gratifying thereby their mischievous mirth. Nothing can more nearly resemble the actions of devils than these. By what name, therefore, could they be more truly called than subverters?— being themselves subverted first, and altogether perverted---Confessions, Book III, 5-7
Augustine, as he suggested, all the while was also observing the injustice of his own actions and the actions of his comrades. And though he would hardly show it for a long time, it was inwardly gnawing away at him as God's grace made him feel ashamed in the solitude of his heart. So we never give up on any of our present day taunters and 'subverters'. We bear it precisely for them. Who knows what saints tomorrow God will raise from among them to convert very many and restore sanity?

--->Walking, Tossed, Through Whirling Tempests...

"The dogs come out and bark, but the camels keep walking"---ancient Arab saying

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