Monday, February 21, 2011

The Schizoid Child? Or the Schizoid Society?

As I watched a PBS Frontline rebroadcast not long ago called The Medicated Child (click) , I began asking myself again why so many doctors and psychiatrists never bother to ask whether it is not the society instead of primarily the child which might be schizoid.

Could the hyper child's symptoms in many cases simply reflect his or her painful attempt to cope with the conflicting bombardment of signals all around him? When teachers, mothers, fathers, and, technology / media present an endless salad bar of conflicting "values" signals, is it any wonder anxiety builds in a child, sometimes to pathological levels? It has got the point where some things which were always considered a crime, failure or disorder are today taught as some kind of virtue. And the child is in the crossfire, "social networking" through it all?

These doctors and legislators who in some cases seem to wear blinders may too often be dealing drugs that can never cure the ills of some of their patients.

Medication is sometimes needed, there can be genetic factors, yes; but we must make certain the diagnosis is correct.

A Perky Mom Tells Why She and Hubby Decided to Homeschool

"I homeschool my punks. And well into my seventh (is that possible?) full year of homeschooling, I sometimes completely forget the fact that homeschooling, to so many people, is a foreign, unnatural, and sometimes shocking concept. I forget that before I made the decision to homeschool, I always pictured homeschooling parents as denim-jumper-wearin’, no-fun-havin’, no-social-interaction-gettin’ fruitcakes who rap their children’s hands with switches if their cursive writing doesn’t have the proper slant. And most of all, I forget that every time I post photos of my school-age children sitting on horseback and holding calves’ legs in the middle of a weekday, folks might wonder if these poor kids ever go to school...

"Lots of people support our decision to homeschool. Some are quietly guarded. Others think we’re mentally ill. I vacillate between all three myself. Believe me, if you’re shaking your head reading this, I understand. If you think I’m a nutjob, I totally get it. If you think my kids will grow up to be weird, you’re probably right. And if you think I’m a freak? You’re right on the money...Read it all

10 Ways Reading the Great Books Can Improve Your Life

The Master Course in Personal Development May Already Be Sitting On Your Shelf. Let a little genius rub off on you and yours.

Reading the great books takes a lot of effort. Studying masterpieces such as the Odyssey or the works of Shakespeare requires more concentration than picking up a Tom Clancy novel. But, the payoffs can be tremendous.

If you’re not sold on starting a reading plan, consider the benefits that reading great literature can bring to your life. Here are 10 ways reading these books can have a real impact on who you are and how you think...Read more

Where Scholars Become Workers and Workers Become Scholars.

Here is a conversation, Dorothy Day related, with one of her critics:
Critical Inquirer--Are you not participating in the class war when you go out on picket lines and on the street corners? Are you not siding with the workers, one class against another class, thus taking part in class war?

Peter Maurin, co-founder of the Catholic Worker movementCatholic Worker--"No, we are trying to bring the Gospel to the man in the street, and if we find ourselves caught between two opposing forces, God help us, the police won't...

"In trying to put over this idea of the workers becoming scholars and the scholars workers, there is bound to be conflict in the transition stages. The worker will complacently watch the scholar empty the garbage cans, wash the dishes, scrub the floor, and will prefer to take the nice clean work of filing or typing cards and envelopes. Some scholars will work, and others lacking in physical co-ordination and ashamed to show their lack of ability along those lines do not co-operate in the manual labor. And the worker, showing no recognition of the work of some of the scholars, will jeer at the idle scholars. And some of the scholars will be complaining of the noise and heckling of the workers.

"The same difficulties take place in regard to the lack of rules save those set forth in the Gospel, (See the rule of St. Francis). Because there is no compulsion, some will refuse co-operation. Those who co-operate scorn those who do not, as well as those responsible for not making rules to force the non-cooperators to cooperate. It is a good-natured scorn, perhaps, but it is a critical attitude just the same.---House of Hospitality, Chapter Seven by Dorothy Day pp. 121 - 136. ...More
Note: Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in insisting that workers should also become scholars (i.e., literate, intellectually and spiritually vital) and vice versa, highlight the complete inadequacy of my own education as I see it now. At the same time that I was learning to read the great books I might have also been learning how to add on an additional room to the house, so I need not be so dependent on others in this. Alas for me, but it's not too late for young people today to get real about a whole life.

--->No Private 'Property,' eh? Ladies of the Left, Beware the Collective. Marx sought a "community of women" to systematically sate the lusts of men (click)? And with the persecution of families and hounding women into the workplace, has not the way, for a long time now, been cleared for realization one day---or something close to it? Consider also rampant serial marriages... For Marx "The care of children also becomes a public affair. Children become the Collective's responsibility." In other words, "It Takes a Village..."

--->Most-hated senator was right. Scholars: Sen. Joseph McCarthy's charges 'now accepted as fact'...

--->Libya protests, Guardian analysis: 'For Muammar Gaddafi it's kill or be killed...' (click) [Many people on the Internet seem to think they know exactly what is going on in the Middle Eastern uprisings. I confess I do not. But I do fear that once the jubilation is over it may well be bloody civil wars between Jihadist and "democratic" factions. I hope not. How would the West react?]

--->China rounds up 100 activists to rapidly quash pro-democracy 'Jasmine Revolution' organised online...(click) Egypt-style get-togethers planned for 13 cities.

--->Hundreds protest in Iraq, TV station torched...

--->U.S. Army wants rapid-fire rubber bullets for crowd control...

--->Hmmm...'Scientists' warn of $2,000bn solar ‘Katrina’ disruptive to communications...

Click to enlarge--->Paul Ehrlich’s lifetime of hot air. "Ehrlich started his academic career as an entomologist, an expert on Lepidoptera – butterflies. But in 1968 he wrote one of the biggest best-sellers in the history of pseudo-scientific literature, The Population Bomb. In it, Ehrlich reprised the work of [Eugenicist] Thomas Malthus, arguing that population growth would eventually, inevitably lead mankind to three choices: Stop making new humans, stop consuming resources, or starve to death..."

--->Ecoscam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse: "Ronald Bailey personifies the environmental scientist's historian providing a detailed analysis of the motives and agendas of apocalyptic environmental "doomsters". In depth discussion of the major environmental disasters dispelling environmental myths. Classifies many environmentalists as 'true believers' taken in the Eric Hoffer derivation of the phrase. Must read for anyone trying to ascertain the salient features of today's popular environmental apocalyspe scenarios and their purveyors."

--->Iran: US must be removed from Islamic world...

--->Positive: U.S. entering direct talks with Taliban: report...contacts are reportedly exploratory and not yet a peace negotiation...

--->Does Bill Gates funding of media taint objectivity...?

--->James Delingpole: Climate scepticism: not just the new paedophilia, but the new racism and homophobia too! The solution, according to [science advisor Professor John Beddington], whose generous salary and ring-fenced pension is kindly provided by the British taxpayer, is less tolerance: “I really would urge you to be grossly intolerant,” he said. “We should not tolerate...(click)" [Note: I don't know what's what about "climate change". But I do believe dissenting scientists should not be harassed for exercising free inquiry, and am suspicious of its linkings with other anti-family measures. I also keep the question distinct from other matters like possible Peak Oil problems]

--->Dr. John P. Hubert: Media Ignoring Permanent Biological Contamination of the Gulf; Synthetic Organisms...

--->Illinois: Drug Treatment Programs To Lose All Funding...

--->Matt Abbott: "I never had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Avignone, but I know she was a woman of deep faith. That faith, however, was tested when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in late 2009...

--->Wisconsin Catholic bishops urge protection of workers' rights as protests surge...

Boston Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley [Sunday] afternoon washed the feet of Irish abuse victims as he presided alongside Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at a dramatic "Liturgy of Lament and Repentance" for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

"On behalf of the Holy Father, I ask forgiveness for the sexual abuse of children perpetrated by priests and the past failures of the Church's hierarchy, here and in Rome, the failure to respond appropriately to the problem of sexual abuse...See full text of Cardinal O’Malley’s remarks...(click) [Note: Whether in families, where most abuse to this day reportedly takes place, or public schools, second only to families, and many other organizations including government, there was always a tendency to hide dirty laundry. If a clergyman or father or teacher went rogue the news was not published. But the rules have changed. And this is for the good. It is cleansing, purifying. May all from now on heed those rules and not wait until caught.]

--->Pentagon aide, Secretary of the Air Force during the presidency of George W Bush, 'was killed by hitman' claims distraught widow...

--->Toast and 4 other foods that encourage sleep...

--->NYT proclaims 'death of the blogs...'

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  1. regarding the first article there are phsychiatrists who do attrbute much of young people's anxiety on the culture. We just don't hear about them i the media. David Elkind, for example, blames the glut of information for much of the problems of children. All the media bombardment has severly affected the natural of kids, according to Elkind. They have do deal with things they would never have had to deal with in previous eras and they are not sufficiently grown up enough to deal with them. And he said this 15 years ago! The situation is much worse now.

  2. Yes, God bless those psychiatrists who try to take into consideration not only the person, but his or her entire situation and being-in-the-world. Especially in such a time as ours!