Friday, February 18, 2011

Roman and Williams: Creative Space for the Past Now

'Their work is infused with memory and allows participants to
connect with a more romantic and important time'.

Following up his best selling books Degenerate Moderns and Dionysos Rising, E. Michael Jones completes the trilogy as he reveals in this book how modern architecture arose out of the disordered moral lives of its creators. Beginning with the simultaneous collapse of both his marriage and the Austro-Hungarian empire, Walter Gropius formulated an architectural rhetoric that would speak to the needs of the newly emerging modern man. As a sexually liberated social monad, modern man would have no need for home or family, no need to be rooted in a particular time or place. He was to live henceforth in the 'international style.' Soon that deeply materialistic, sterile architectural vision would conquer the world.  'As a team they have developed an approach to creating buildings and interiors that reveres craft and tradition, combined with a contemporary viewpoint'.

In the comments section someone asked why I liked this video. I replied, Because of their respect for the past in architecture (and interiors), and so that young people might consider good architecture as another potentially creative, decent career opportunity. Art as physical space has always intrigued me---and, I take it, the whole Church and Western culture, as witness our churches throughout the centuries.

--->"The Degree of Civilization in a Society Can Be Judged by Entering Its Prisons" ...Thus spake Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky...

Brief Exchange on the Political Left and Democracy:

My point after hearing a famous Leftist constantly equate Leftist positions and democracy again: Many on the political Left rightly bemoan the loss of genuine democracy in our political context in this nation. Certainly the powers are loathe to consult the people in direct referenda about the timely issues of the day. But would The Left accept the result of genuine referendums if, say, a majority of the people in the nation voted directly to ban abortion? or would they cry fascism & whine to the Black Robes to overturn the majority? What then becomes of any alleged love for democracy?

His or Her Response: My love of democracy is based on the idea that freedom is for all. Not for some, regardless of whether it be a minority or majority. Neither should subvert the rights of the other. The present conservatism is all about freedom for some, while all others must kneel. Are you saying it would be a more free and democratic society if the majority decided they missed enslaving black people? That the majority of the population should have a right to control what a woman does with her body?

Reply: You dodge the question. Let's try again. Will you applaud democracy if the abortion question was put to a national referendum and you and [Chris] Hedges lose? Do you or do you not believe in democracy? It's precisely for the same reason as abolishing slavery that the majority (= a democracy word) in this country is against abortion. There is no slavery like the kind where the innocent are hacked or burned to death in what should be the safest place in the world, a mother's womb. See Dr. Alveda King's videos, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And it is in minority neighborhoods where Planned parenthood seeks especially to set up its eugenical blood cults.

His / Her Response: Read the constitution. The US is intended to be a constitutional republic where the people vote for representatives who then in turn make the decisions. If you do not like their decisions then vote against them next election. It never was a pure democracy. Pure democracy = rule by tyranny of the majority.

Reply: Right. Then let's drop all the incendiary Chris Hedges style language and scenarios about "fascism" and the like when things don't go as you might wish. And if we go for the good old fashioned constitutional amendment, doubtless Mr. Hedges will accept the results as peacefully as prolifer's have accepted the law since 1973, while at the same time non-violently protesting and decrying what we believe is an enormous moral crime against God and man...

Note: Of course I ask the same kinds of question of the political Right, about, say, unbridled capitalism, perpetual wars and occupations, collective bargaining rights, etc., We political Independents are in the Soup, often pro-life and antiwar; but I believe we are becoming the majority in this country; and that is a hopeful thing. Running with the herd is no way to think.

The Left in this country---like the Right---attempts to deal with real problems---injustice, unbridled capitalism and greed, concern for the working class and the poor, but often it's with a deficit of clarity and consistency regarding its philosophical and political foundations. Is the Left merely a little left of Center? Or a lot? Walk far enough to the Left and one ends up in Marx's arms ---or in Stalin's gulag with an oligarchy running the Collective.

Some on the Left---relatively few I suspect---are dyed in the wool, Marxists for sure: Revolution, no private property, the dictatorship of the proletariat...the whole bit. Others are milder-form quasi-Trotskyites. Most are atheists, as Marx would expect. Cornel West on the other hand calls himself a Christian "non-Marxist socialist". What can it mean? In all of his works he does not explain---and he has a large following. So the political Left here is vague, conflicted, often sentimental, bewilderingly imprecise as a movement; except, I fear, in the areas of abortion and sexual politics. Beyond that---and that's bad enough---there just is no consensus. Only confused notions. So we appeal for, and reason toward, political and moral clarity.

--->Wall Street's 'Buy Everything' Sentiment Continues. "I'm showing, by every technical and quantitative standard I have," said Paul Mendelsohn, chief investment strategist at Windham Financial Services, "this market is at extreme levels. But no matter where we start out in the morning, buyers [what kind?--SH] come in. 'I've never seen a market like this,' said Paul Mendelsohn, chief investment strategist at Windham Financial Services in Charlotte, Vermont, a market watcher for 35 years..."

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  1. Because of their respect for the past in architecture, and so that young people might consider good architecture as another potentially creative, decent career opportunity. Art as physical space has always intrigued me---and, I take it, the whole Church and Western culture, as witness our churches throughout the centuries.