Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JFK Then, Neocons Today...

with Billy GrahamHistorian Robert Dallek: Author of 'JFK An Unfinished Life' has written: "Toward the end of his life John F. Kennedy increasingly distrusted his military advisers and was changing his views on foreign policy. A fresh look at the final months of his presidency suggests that a second Kennedy term might have produced ... an American withdrawal from Vietnam"---Robert Dallek. JFK’s Second Term. Atlantic Monthly, June 2003, p. 58.

Kennedy's character was not only seen in the Cuban Missile Crisis but also in his refusal, when only 3 months in office, to send followup troops after the failed CIA-plotted Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba---signaling very early how he could and did stand up to both the CIA and the military---and in his breathtaking American University Commencement Address where again, just months before his murder, he took on the hawks in the interests of saving the planet from nuclear holocaust. Hear that speech here...

--->Robert Greenwald discusses Stop the Kennedy Smears on The Ed Show...(click) when the project was announced. Besides Joel Surnow (click), a creator of the Fox 'action' show "24," (more like a Neocon propaganda series), another man in Canada who would, er, refashion history and who is behind The Kennedys hatchet job, replete with totally fabricated conversations / scenes [more on that here (click)] is a Montreal film executive – Michael Prupas of Muse Entertainment. He also has an interesting background and is another man who would abuse the airwaves and Cable and attempt to mediate history by distorting it. Sometimes the envious never cease trying to topple their greaters. Neocons evidently are determined to take the world to the brink of nuclear disaster, JFK sought to bring all peoples back from that brink.

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