Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Out: First Light

A person at YouTube writes, "When I first heard this song, it was before / when my first daughter was born. The day she saw the first light of the world and opened her eyes this song touched my soul again. And when she finally looked at me...I thought to myself THIS song will always belong to you my angel.... And now when she is 4 years old and she hears it in the car or at home, she always wants to stay and listen to the end."

--->Yo-Yo Ma and a children's choir take over a train station, and the Citizen Musician movement is launched... Hear (and see) Bach's Cello Suite No. 1... (Pardon the gentleman at the end)

--->Planned Parenthood Caught on Video "Covering Up Sex Trafficking...."

--->Caught on tape: "Planned Parenthood aids pimp’s underage sex ring..." The video here...

---> Statement of Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, HLI: Setting the Record Straight on Sad Development. See end of section

--->Religions infected by sexualized media culture: founder and director of the Crisis Centre for Religious Women in Jerusalem stated that domestic violence is a very serious issue but child sexual assault is an epidemic....

--->One pilgrim’s view of the March for Life by David L. Jones...

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