Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Choose to be Poor

by Peter Maurin

Saint Francis of Assisi thought
that to choose to be poor
is just as good
as if one should marry
the most beautiful girl in the world.

We seem to think
that poor people
are social nuisances
and not the Ambassadors of God.

We seem to think
that Lady Poverty
is an ugly girl
and not the beautiful girl
that Saint Francis of Assisi
says that she is.

And because we think so,
we refuse to feed the poor
with our superfluous goods
and let the politicians
feed the poor
by going around
like pick-pockets,
robbing Peter
to pay Paul,
and feeding the poor
by soaking the rich.

Note: It does no good to romanticize the poor, because involuntary poverty is very hard. Francis and so many other saints wanted to become voluntarily poor to serve those who were not poor by choice, to share with them the Gospel of Jesus, and to share material goods -- whether or not they were receptive to Christ. Some are poor in the existential sense, lonely, afraid, not loving themselves as God loves them...

And very important, prolife activism---or prayer on behalf of prolife activists---is an essential part of Catholic social justice.

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