Monday, January 17, 2011

We Culled Our Own Herd

There is little question that they who control the information flow of a people (MEDIAting current events & interpretations of history) & economics control a nation.

But Americans bought into the lie by choice, i.e., by falling for a culture of contraception & abortion; thus culling our own herd and creating a culture of decadence & death & dwindling influence. Those WASPS who despise Catholicism ought to think long and hard on that. None of us can say we were not warned. The Popes saved Western civilization from the ravaging hoards and miscreants more than once in history. Today, after the annexing (stealing) of the papal States, he is impotent to do so. He is reduced to trying to prevent even more horror, lest the Vatican be razed to the ground and made into a parking lot --—or museum.

Don't blame just the Jew as some do, also thank Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII, Voltaire, Rockefeller, Roe v. Wade and the rest.

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