Friday, January 28, 2011

The Root Causes of Marxist Revolutions

After listening to a hard lecture by Indian writer / activist Arundhati Roy (click here for video lecture) on the reasons significant numbers of indigenous peoples in India have sided with Maoist rebels (please see the video), I was struck once again by how it is so often the denial of justice and fairness which provokes the tragic Communist reaction into existence, and persuades simple people to join it. It is hard, to say the least, for peoples anywhere to be kicked out of their age-old lands by brutal force and not to fight for survival. It's a terrible and disorienting thing to lose one's home, especially when indigenous people have lived there from ancient times. To have their whole way of life uprooted is often more than they can bear. Justice would require that if such governmental decisions anywhere must be followed through, then adequate housing and jobs, a truly better way of life, must be offered in compensation.

Love made public

Someone has said "justice is love made public". That is a beautiful definition and fully consistent with the Gospel of Jesus. Maoism is no answer. It only ends in another and very brutal form of slavery as its history shows.

Fairness is the answer, assuming that the displacements of indigenous peoples (anywhere) are truly necessary and not simply the acts of multinational corporations seeking to exploit the earth for rare-earth elements and other minerals for technology and obscene profit; otherwise it is only another kind of ethnic cleansing.

The heartbreaking photo above at the top is a picture of the Western "Enlightenment" treatment of Africans during the slave trade. There is much to repent for, much to grieve over in our history. And slavery and brutality still continue today, as the major powers scour the earth for rare resources for our Western toys and consumer goods, sometimes hiding this motive under the banner of righteous wars.

Justice is precious. It is fairness and decency which alone can stop the scourge of wars and false solutions. We must rediscover justice.

--->Telegraph: Bank of England chief Mervyn King - standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s. Households face the most dramatic squeeze in living standards since the 1920s, the Governor of the Bank of England warned, as he reacted to the shock disclosure that the economy was shrinking again...Read it all

--->Boston University Economist: United States Worse Off than Greece...

--->Then the contrary? Hopes rise for US economic recovery...

--->Nobel prize winning economists and many other leading financial experts say that criminal fraud was the primary cause of the financial crisis...

--->Senator Rand Paul: End All Foreign Aid, including to Israel...(click) "...especially when we're borrowing all the money from China, all foreign aid has to go"

Purification of Memory: "The effort to purify one's memory entails for individuals as well as peoples the recognition of errors for which they must ask forgiveness. This sometimes requires much courage and self-denial. However, it is the only way that social and national groups, freed from the remnants of old resentment, can come together with fraternal and reciprocal loyalty in order to build a better future for all."---John Paul II

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