Friday, January 7, 2011

Opinion: Atlantic / Weekly Standard: Holocaust Education Makes Things Worse for Jews

By Alex Eichler | January 06, 2011

If students learn any history at all, it is the history of the Holocaust," writes Sam Schulman in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard. Western culture overflows with books, museums, and memorials centered on the Shoah. All of them, says Schulman, hope to "prevent the production of future mass murderers and their willing executioners." All of them "share the belief that they are engaged in a virtuous struggle against hate."

But all of them may be doing more harm than good. Schulman argues that when we single-mindedly focus on the Holocaust, holding it up as the "'gold standard' of evil," it becomes easy to overlook the present-day anti-Semitic acts that fall short of genocide--and these, he says, are on the rise. "Jewish populations in Sweden are leaving entire cities," Schulman writes. "The retired chief of Holland's major conservative party last month advised Jews who are 'identifiably Jewish' to leave the country, because the Dutch state cannot protect them from anti-Semitic violence."

...Holocaust education may have done more than fail. It might also have produced an unintended, but measurable effect that is even worse...The current generation of university students​—​Holocaust-educated from the nursery on​—​have been given ideas. And on campuses around the world, not just in Protestant Europe, it is fair to say that the more the current student generation have been taught about the evil of the Holocaust, the more Israel seems to them to resemble Nazi Germany rather than itself. Even if we resist the false suggestion that Israel is conducting a genocide of Palestinians, our Holocaust-instruction has left us all with an equally false notion: that Israel was created by Europeans in the Middle East in order to make amends to European Jews for a European Holocaust...Read it all

decadent's Ron Jeremy and Howard Stern and so many othersNote: What I see is not any desire among most of us goyim to diminish the Nazi crimes against Jews, but the disproportionate media emphasis on this at the expense of all of the rest who suffered, many more millions who also died during WWII. Then there is the media's incessant distortions and attacks on Christian heritage and culture, along with this same media of all kinds mediating a culture of decadence and materialism, very offensive programming that is directed at our young people and is often attached to Jewish names / moguls, causing much resentment. Why can there not be fairness and simple decency in the media again? It would go a long way to easing tensions. It's time to get real.

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