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New Details Emerge of John Paul II's 'War' Against Communism

By John Thavis on Friday, Catholic Herald,
14 January 2011

That Pope John Paul II was a pivotal figure in the fall of European Communism is accepted as a truism, but many details of that drama have remained hidden in archives.

A US biographer of the late pope has now provided particulars of what he describes as the full-scale war by Communism against the Catholic Church, and Pope John Paul’s astute and successful counter-strategy.

The Polish pope displayed political savvy and "a shrewdness that combined steadiness of strategic vision with tactical flexibility," George Weigel told an audience of seminarians, diplomats and Vatican officials at the Pontifical North American College on Sunday.

One of Pope John Paul’s moves, Mr Weigel said, was to appoint as his own Secretary of State Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, the architect of the Vatican’s "Ostpolitik" efforts to reach workable compromises with communist regimes.

By doing so, he "created tactical advantages for the Church: as the pope preached moral revolution over the heads of Communist regimes, speaking directly to their people, [Cardinal] Casaroli continued his diplomacy, thus denying the Communists the opportunity to charge that the Church had reneged on its commitment to dialogue," Mr Weigel said.

Mr Weigel said he based his conclusions on previously secret cables and memos that have emerged from behind the former Iron Curtain. He came across the information while researching his latest book on the life of Pope John Paul, The End and the Beginning, which looks at the pope’s final years and evaluates his legacy.

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As a point of orientation, he quoted Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, Pope John Paul’s longtime secretary, who once remarked about the Church’s battle with Poland’s Communist regime: "You must understand that it was always 'them' and 'us'." What he meant, Mr Weigel said, was that “the struggle between Communism and Catholicism could not be understood as a matter of episodic confrontations… It was all war, all the time."


Certainly that was how Communist leaders from Moscow to Budapest saw it, Mr Weigel said. He catalogued efforts by Communist regimes to place spies in local Catholic hierarchies and the Vatican, to exploit the Church’s moves toward openness and dialogue, to create ecumenical confusion and to compromise Church leaders by planting false stories.

In 1983, Mr Weigel recounted, the Polish security police even decided to blackmail Pope John Paul...More

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--->Catholic League on Radical Islamic Persecutions: "According to Open Doors, which monitors Christian persecution, of the top ten most violent places on earth for Christians to live, eight are run by Muslims, and an estimated 100 million Christians worldwide live in fear"...More [May God inspire more good and moderate Muslims to come to the assistance of their persecuted neighbors, whether Christian or Muslim, as other good and just men and women have done...(click). It would be a mistake to blame all Muslims for the merciless deeds of some; none of us need more strife and bloodshed in the world]

--->Homeland Security Memo notes Congresswoman Giffords’ Judaism in motives of alleged attacker...

Update: According to one [unconfirmed] Jewish Journal Report, "Alleged Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner has Jewish mother, acquaintance says..."...But then again maybe "not so much..." Whatever he was, and whatever his motives, he was a sick and / or evil pup.

--->NeoCon and Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, the late author of Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, is often cited as having "uncannily" predicted the inevitable confrontation of the world religions, especially Christian and Islamic civilization. Inevitable? Or did this elite NeoCon, in the interests of Western hegemony, actually promote such confrontations in order that "our [Enlightenment] world" and not "their world" win? We know that he, er, worried about China and the United States---and that worries me these days. Surely 'simple' cooperation between sovereign nations is the better way. In an increasingly nuclear world it is the only way. Stop meddling.

--->Kappa Beta Phi, Wall Street's Secret Society, Elects New Members...

--->Television is constantly making distant news stories seem local; focusing, for example, on crimes committed in distant states (or even nations), creating the nightly illusion that the crime is very near to us and that we live in constant great danger. Add to this the wall-to-wall Cop 'shows' and the illusion is complete. The media moguls are either lacking the imagination to create decent entertainment, or they're lacking the will to do it. It's just another reason to break up media monopoly and create truly local media.

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--->Overlord Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines...

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This is not the Superchicken of the report, but close enough for me...--->Wall Street plunders while Main Street suffers...

--->GM Everywhere: Scientists create GM 'superchicken' that doesn’t spread bird flu... Superchicken, eh? Superprofits for sure.

...Then there is
the "EnviroPig" (click) ...can this really be good for the global ecosystem?

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  1. Birds, fish, and now the cows?

    Moving up the food chain, but again the "nothing to see here," excuses.

    If, God forbid, people start dying somewhere all of a sudden, will they be able say "nothing to see here?" Or will they find a scapegoat for this and start actions against that selected group, be it Muslims, gun owners, advocates for the sanctity of life, or who's to tell?

    I shudder to think of such a thing, but this is getting scary.

  2. Thanks for the comment danightman. At the very least if this "up the food chain" phenomenon continues and escalates it would precipitate higher costs for food to keep up with increasing scarcity, hyper-inflation, and who knows what? May God forbid. Let's keep watch.