Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kilburn Priory Is In My Ears and In My Eyes --- Abbey Road

"Kilburn Priory was a small monastic community of nuns established around 1130-1134 three miles north-east of the mediaeval City of London, England, where Watling Street (now Kilburn High Road) met the stream now known as the Westbourne, but variously known as Cuneburna, Keneburna, Keeleburne, Coldburne, or Caleburn, meaning either the royal or cow's stream.


The site was used until 1130 as a hermitage by Godwyn, a recluse, who subsequently gave the property to the conventual church of St. Peter, Westminster. The priory was established with the consent of Gilbert Universalis, bishop of London, before his death in August 1134. Though it was originally subordinate to Westminster Abbey, whose monks followed the Benedictine rule, by 1377 it was described as being an order of Augustinian canonesses. It was once believed that the Ancrene Riwle was written for the first three nuns of Kilburn, but this is now thought unlikely.

Henry... Again

Kilburn Priory was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1537 and its site in Kilburn was given to the Knights of St. John in exchange for other property, and then seized back by the crown in 1540.---Wikipedia

...And in the end, the love Kilburn priory with its Abbey Farm received, was greater than the love it made. Some 800 or more years after it was founded it became world famously known as "Abbey Road" where John and Paul (not the apostles) wrote and recorded popular songs...Again Wikipedia: "The Priory gave its name to the area now known as Kilburn, and the local streets Priory Road, Kilburn Priory and Abbey Road. Abbey Road is a thoroughfare located in the borough of Camden and the City of Westminster in London running roughly northwest to southeast through St. John's Wood, near Lord's Cricket Ground)

And now you know, for good or ill, the rest of the story.

Apropos of the above, a surprisingly peaceful Abbey Road LiveCam...especially at night, esp when raining...Watch here

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