Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Enlightenment Distortion of True Liberty

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"---John 8:32

If there is any subject that has stirred intense debate within the Church since the French Revolution, and especially since the Second Vatican Council, it is the subject of liberty. That is in part because Catholic theology has always taught that there can be no true liberty for evil and the errors which foster it. Interestingly most nations, even to this day, agree with this teaching in many respects. No one for instance believes that there is any human right to murder or to form associations which advocate murder and so on. To the extent that this is affirmed, Catholic teaching regarding the moral law is in part affirmed. The trouble bubbles up however when we consider 'freedom' relative to errors which Catholics believe foster many evils.

Consider pornography which is ubiquitous today. Is there any legitimate human right to so degrade human beings for profit and to threaten the whole moral fabric of society as we have seen happen in our day? Catholics have always argued no, there can be no such legitimate right or liberty for that. The same obviously would be true for the moral crimes of abortion, euthanasia, eugenics targeting the poor and so on, even if those who purposely deform true liberty (which always fosters the Common Good), transvalue the traditional understanding into mischievous license, and constantly suppress the deleterious effects of these crimes. Yet until near midway in the 20th century the Catholic understanding in these areas constituted more or less the consensus of most nations in the West even after the French Revolution.

Freemasonry was one aggressive revolutionary Enlightenment current which sought from the beginning to transvalue and move responsible liberty in the direction of nihilism. One of the reasons the Popes in the past condemned Freemasonry so many times over the centuries was that not only did...Continue

Ted Bundy serial killer preyed on women and slaughtered them--->Gun control: Church firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civilians says liberal groups, some bishops. Note: Look, I am all but a pacifist, but reasonable defensive weapons in the hands of the majority of citizens is a right in this country and is seldom abused. And every woman ever raped / and or murdered doubtless wished she had a legitimate weapon at the time to fight off the horror. At least then she'd have a chance. Get real. Or take moral responsibility before God for the horror of defenseless victims of crimes. Criminals will always have access to weapons; the innocent need protection. Sentimental 'liberals' can opt to lay down their own lives if they wish, but not the lives of others.

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  1. Re: The Myth of American Exceptionalism Implodes,

    The tragedy of the last 40 years, as is shown in the bias of the article cited, is the attempt to view the real crisis through the prism of the Communist vrs. Capitalist paradigm. The Communist sees the rich as a parasitic class to be destroyed for the benefit of the middle class, while the Capitalist sees the employers as heroes who don't have to mind the unlucky and incapable who didn't get where they are.

    Both, by seeing part of the problem, miss the whole situation and thus miss the valuable solutions. We need honest people of capital to build businesses that employ hard-working people. The companies, even as wages declined due to the computer and second-wave feminism, and inflation, the employees contributed to their wealth through their productivity. So the employees need the honest working men & women as well.

    The trouble is, then not of class warfare, as the communists would say, or union greed as the capitalist would response, but one of injustice. The productive of this country, who ought to have been the stakeholders of these companies, have been defrauded of much of the fruits their increasingly effective labor - a sin that cries out to God for vengence.(CCC 1867, ref James 5:4)

    The Council of Trent has something interesting to say about this as well:

    It is, also, a downright theft, when labourers and artisans exact full wages from those to whom they have not given just and due labor. Again, dishonest servants and agents are no better than thieves, nay they are more detestable than other thieves; against these everything may be locked, while against a pilfering servant nothing in a house can be secure by bolt or lock.(C.C.T Seventh Commandment)

  2. Both, by seeing part of the problem, miss the whole situation and thus miss the valuable solutions

    Thanks for that, Stephen. Important points.