Monday, January 3, 2011

Assange and Ellsberg

Of many others, I have so far found this discussion most interesting, not only for what has gone on since 2001--2003, but also in regard to the future. Assange also explains the difficult moral position Wikileaks is in with respect to the man who claims to be the source of the war cables, Bradley Manning...speaking of whom, the UN is investigating his treatment in confinement. See Glenn Greenwald report...

--->What are Julian Assange's opponents saying? "No, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Do Not Have 1st Amendment Protection of Freedom of Speech..." [Note: it should be recalled that the New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel and others published substantial parts of these war cables also, the source of which Wikileaks, which placed them online, claims it does not know or want to know]

--->WikiLeaks, Ideological Legitimacy and the Crisis of Empire. Francis Shor, Truthout: "Given the battered economic and military standing of the United States over the past several years, the hysterical reaction of the American political class over the recent release of State Department cables by WikiLeaks is not surprising.... The abuses heaped on Julian Assange and the threats against him, especially, but not exclusively, from politicians in the United States, reflects this hollowing out of democracy and a fear of the new virtual world of free speech..."

--->Canada Free Press. Terrorist Watch List May Exceed US Population by 2019, World Population by 2023..."The premise of this article, regardless of the legitimacy and credibility of the assumptions and estimations, leads to a conclusion that may very well become reality over the next decade as global security services continue to expand their monitoring and surveillance capabilities...."

--->CFP: China and International Security. The gathering uncertainty. "To put it bluntly: China cannot rise peacefully. The title of Professor [John] Mearsheimer’s lecture was 'The Gathering Storm,' which was, of course, also the title of the first volume of Winston Churchill’s multi-volume history of the Second World War. I have called this article 'The Gathering Uncertainty', because I disagree with Professor Mearsheimer, but I do not by any means for that reason counsel ease or complacency...

--->GW Bush and Retaliation Against EU for Genetically Modifed (GMO) Resistance...

--->Colombia and Venezuela: The Odd Couple...Despite tangible and indisputable ideological differences, Santos and Ch├ívez have forged an alliance of convenience. Santos, who became president August 7, replacing Alvaro Uribe a hardliner whose policies brought security to most of Colombia, has not followed his mentor’s international politics...Read it all [Memo to Catholic Spero News. Lose the teats Ads please]

Curious I think: People who identify concern for social justice with the political Left, or all militarism / multinational exploitation with the political Right have not been paying attention (Walk far enough to the Left and you end up in a "people's" Gulag. Walk far enough to the Right and you end up in Fascism's straight-jacket). We can be grateful however that this kind of bipolar thinking births massive numbers of political Independents who reject such extremes. Now to hope for more political parties which seek the same, and which takes morals and family seriously for the good of the commonwealth. The two-Party-only system is far too easy for Big Money to control.


  1. Well, maybe the problem is that Wikileaks is run by a loose-morals anti-American pouty little politician type. Cripe, narcissistic nannynannyboobooism has been done to death --even by NON-Europeans. We who haven't entirely condemned the country which God set us into, don't really want to hear, er, *correction* from an Assange. If he wanted to do something good for the world, he could act like an adult and put himself second for a change, gather with his poor son, and try to make a better life for him. That is the kind of "commitment" this world needs most, which is what Mother Teresa tried to tell all the talking heads.

  2. Yes, yes, but apart from all that how do you like him?

    And if you are going to so characterize his work as "narcissistic nannynannyboobooism" you could at least preface it saying "with all due respect"... :-)