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Catholic Marriage or Bourgeois Marriage

by Thomas Storck

Sometime around the year 1970 I remember reading
in that reliable index of the middle American mind, Readers' Digest, a story about an engaged couple who, for some reason that I do not remember, were unable to get married right away. The female half of this couple was discussing their plight with a friend, an older woman as I remember, and the young woman told her something like this. "I want him right now, all of him." (Actually she was not referring primarily to sex.) Her older, but not wiser, companion replied something like this, "Well, why not? Go ahead; one day it's wrong and the next day it isn't." And in these words is very well summed up the entire bourgeois American attitude toward marriage and sex - one day sex is wrong and the next it isn't. Marriage is merely a piece of paper granting from society the right to engage in sex.

Now certainly I must be either a Carthusian buried for years in some mountain hermitage or recently returned from outer space not to realize that for most people today such a license is no longer seen as a necessary prelude to sex. Far from it. But I suggest that part of the reason for the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s is that the image of marriage that was implicitly held up before American eyes was precisely this bourgeois image - an image of marriage that neither appealed to our emotions nor satisfied our reason. If this was all there was to marriage, why not embrace free love?

The essence of what I am calling bourgeois marriage is this:

People fall in love and want to live with each other and have sex, but this is not nice to do unless society approves. Society makes you get a license and go through a wedding ceremony and then it's okay. If you don't get along you can get a divorce and then you can't have sex until you get married again, and then it's okay again, but if you're not married it's not nice. This, I submit, was more or less the popular attitude toward marriage in the United States through even the early 1970s...More

--->Financial Analyst: This Is The First Recession Since the End of the FIRST World War Where Government Help Isn't Trickling Down to the American People...[click] [and] the government has given the big banks many trillions in bailouts and subsidies.

---> NYC to start billing residents when ambulances show up to treat your injuries. The love of many is growing very cold as the "old" Norman Rockwell sense of community gives way to greed....Many in debt already I fear will not bother and just die...

--->Sweden forcibly repatriates five Christians to Iraq, citing "situation of relative peace" in the country..."Perhaps those authorities would like to go for a field trip and enjoy the "relative peace" the remaining Christians are living in...More

--->Kosovo's prime minister was 'a mafia boss who stole human organs from Serb prisoners and sold them for profit' "Most macabre are testimonies alleging how his mafia network harvested human organs from kidnapped prisoners, who pleaded not to be ‘chopped into pieces’ before they were shot dead by henchmen. Their kidneys and other organs were removed and sold in a deal with an Albanian clinic...Continue [See Label "organ trafficking" below and scroll for other reports]

--->Pope urges courage and proper formation in proclaiming Christ to secularized society...

--->Any man named Thorlak is a friend of mine...

--->Archbishop Timothy Dolan defends the Catholic League...(click) "It almost seems to be an unspoken rule that Christians, and Catholics in particular, are not supposed to respond to criticism, insults, and slights towards their faith with anything more than a smile. Certainly we shouldn’t actually say anything..."

Mr. Hitchens approaches the stage

First Question to Hitchens:

Q: Mr. Hitchens, how did you, your parents, and all things come about?
A: Evolution plus time and chance
Q: How do you know that?
A: Cosmologists and biologists tell us
Q: Are you, Mr. Hitchens, a biologist or cosmologist?
A: No I am not.
Q: Then how do you know they are correct and that theists are wrong?
A: This is preposterous...
Q: You are justified by faith then, are you not, Mr. Hitchens? A kind of hunch, is it?
A: No. That is not correct
Q: Prove it.
A: Uh... [It was here I was awakened with a Zen ice cream cone]

Then cometh the retort:

"Justified by faith then? Absolutely not, those biologists and cosmologists are peer reviewed, this is like running the gauntlet when publishing information, their hypotheses and conclusions are put through rigour and testing to make sure that the people who aren't an expert in that subject can rely on the information provided. No one can be an expert on everything which is why we have these systems. One person's ignorance is not proof of the contrary

To which the child responds: "Peers," yes, who share certain dubious epistemic presuppositions. But all genuine knowledge hangs on the "ifs"; and these "ifs" - these contingencies- which might go this way or that, break down into even more complex "ifs" at every critical juncture, endlessly, spawning more theory, ad infinitum. It is a serious problem unacknowledged in the club of peers, even if their presuppositions keeps the funding coming and the gauntlets run for tickets to feed at the trough...With making better widgets science can be content and proud. When it trespasses into metaphysics and ultimate origins it makes good men blush.

And yet another enlightened genius on YouTube retorts: "I long for the day that all this religious nonsense is put behind us and we can finally have a civilised society in which reason and evidence are at the heart of belief rather than stories and superstition"

That "civilized" secular society you dream of has already existed, in the glorious paradises of Mao, Uncle Joe Stalin, Pol Pot, et al....It's what Huxley called the "scientific dictatorship" which now threatens again. It is answerable to no transcendent values which hold the Dear Leaders to account. The State alone is ultimate in that Paradise, and the so-called "scientists" (of the order thou callest for anyway) are its priesthood; its mysticism is nihilism... where men are meat....Good luck.

Progress: The proof of it, surely, is that Norman Mailer came much later than William Shakespeare, and that Picasso came after Michelangelo. Junk in, junk out.

---->Provocations continue. Seoul to go ahead with drills despite threats of war...

--->FCC Dems Narrowing Net Neutrality Gaps...

--->Good news: Saturday afternoon Congress also passed the Local Community Radio Act. This legislation opens up radio spectrum to hundreds, if not thousands, of local independent radio stations... Time to position to take advantage.

--->U.S. Tourist Stabbed To Death Near Jerusalem, Found By Authorities...

--->Lawmakers and Leaders Taking the moral fight to the Southern Poverty Law Center...

--->Julian Assange: pillowgate? "A lot of women were extremely attracted to Julian, and after a few minutes, they offered themselves to him..." Former Wikileaks staff who risked being arrested after the cables were published, and newspapers (Der Spiegel and the Guardian) which assisted him in publishing the leaks are all turning on Assange. Very unlikely the likewise leaking NYT could be touched.

--->Assange feels under attack from his British media partner...

--->New York monsignor defrocked after sexual abuse charges...

--->The CIA secretly agreed to pay $5million to shield the architects of its waterboarding programme...

--->Arizona, Nevada Sue Bank of America over home loans, modifications...

--->Ireland `Going Bankrupt,’ 60 Days left; EU Rescue a 'Sham' ...Video report

--->'Snitch apps' for your cell phone...

--->Bowelvacantist Dr. Thomas Droleskey's weight loss video...

Along other lines, Is it not a paradox that throughout history the more transnational overworlds are created by empires, the more paranoid they get? Another example: "Houston Police Use Secret Drones to Spy on You"...See video

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