Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breakfast at Sallys

"Sally's" is what the homeless call the Salvation Army's soup kitchen. LeMieux is a first-time author whose memoir chronicles his descent as a conservative publisher who loses his company, his home, his wife and kids, and all sense of hope, until he is called back from a potential suicide by the insistent barking of his beloved dog, Willow. Together, they embark on what is truly the "inspirational journey" of this book's title, living in an old van and moving from town to town. Using a beatup typewriter, LeMieux captures not only what day-to-day life is like for those whose lives have been broken by economic hardship ("from the millions of teenagers on the street to the millions of old heroes stored away in nursing homes across the country"), but also the rich inner life and the wellsprings of hope that he finds in the many people he skillfully and sensitively describes--"people are as real as you can find anywhere."

And his own experiences with constant depression, the mental health system that exists for the homeless, and his discovery of life and a sense of hope in his new home of Bremerton, Wash., combine into a moving tale that cuts through the stereotypes of homeless living. (Nov.)
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"Breakfast at Sally's refutes the stereotypes that the general public has about the homeless population. Anyone reading it will no doubt become more compassionate and empathetic towards homeless people."---Michael Stoops, Executive Director, National Coalition for the Homeless

They are us. We are them. It's really true.

--->Detroit Community Gardens Grow Optimism: Not to Make Money, But to Sustain Lives...

clickA friend of mine believed in evolution. "We evolved by chance," he'd say. So I'd probe his convictions.

"Then why are you so nice to your ape of a wife?," I said teasing him. "Grab her by the hair and show her who's the stronger; quit with all this civility pretentiousness. Stop playing culture to her ape-nature". He'd look and smirk.

--->Paul Craig Roberts: Who, Precisely, Is Attacking the World...? "To reveal truth is equivalent, in the eyes of the U.S. government, to an attack on the world."

--->Washington player penalized for pointing to heavens after TD...

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