Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Advent Reflection. Waiting for the Christ Child

by Michael Matt

...It all began in Advent, when my seven sisters and brother were expected to prepare for the coming of Christkind (pronounced Kris-Kint). Under Mother’s watchful eye, we’d fashion a small, makeshift manger that would remain unoccupied until Christmas Day.

As Advent progressed, good deeds were encouraged on a daily basis; and each time it was determined that a good deed had been done, one piece of straw was placed in the empty manger, the idea being that Advent was a time to prepare a bed on which the Baby Jesus could sleep when He arrived.

Under the rules of the old custom, the practice of virtue was an essential part of a child’s preparation for Christmas.

Each night after supper, the lights would be turned down while Advent Wreath candles were lit. The haunting strains of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel would be lifted (somewhat awkwardly, I suppose) on the voices of children.

Shadows and flickering flames played on faces across the dining room table, making it easy for a child to imagine that he sat with the Israelites of old waiting for the Messiah to come.

As the four weeks passed seemingly as slowly as those four thousand years, one question became constant: “Have my sacrifices been enough to please Christkind?” And thus the weeks of Advent were spent in preparation and they should be...Gradually, the empty manger would fill with straw as the stage was set for a celestial Visitor. On the evening of December 23rd, my father would hang a curtain over the doorway of our living room, which, if that straw was piled high enough, was to be transformed into the “Christmas room” by the Baby Jesus Himself in the middle of the night.

Then, it was off to sleep, a seemingly impossible prospect.

The Christmas Eve mornings I remember are marked by a combination of joy and wonder. Children still in their “jammies” could scarcely whisper the words to a curiously exhausted mother: “Did He come?” ...Read it all

--->European Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Is Broadened...

--->A New Front in the Abortion Wars: 'PreNDA' Seeks Race and Sex-based Equality for the Unborn...

--->The Medium and the Message. The ahistorical-style persecution continues unabated---these days in film. Take the upcoming film Jesuitical . Film critic Stephen Greydanus writes, "First Dan Brown imbued the name "Opus Dei" with sinister, murderous connotations; if people think of anything at all in connection with the name “Opus Dei," it’s "albino assassin monk." Now, according to Schrader, if you’re a brutally violent criminal, the handle the world gives you is … “the Jesuit”?

"What’s next? A Franciscan hit squad? Outlaw bikers called the Knights of Columbus? An international crime lord known only as "the Thomist"? ...Read it all.

Note: Relentless isn't it? The NWO, much like China, doesn't like alternative value systems, or anything transcendent to the almighty State with its plutonomy, and which holds these to account morally. So Catholicism is a major problem for its grand architects. Thus they attack her incessantly, like the Dragon attacking the woman protecting the Child. One wonders if they will ever get to serious untold (suppressed) history, things like this...? (click); to say nothing of the land-grabbers who saw the Protestant 'Reformation' as the chance to seize sacred spoils with the help of finance, properties built over centuries and millenia by the Catholic people. That didn't begin with Henry VIII or the French Revolution either, though they surely and happily assisted in the project in their time, writ larger in blood. Many volumes have been written about this sad underside of Protestantism and their ca-ching helpers. Jesus said persecution is the sure sign of His own.

Read also Hilaire Belloc--->For facts regarding Jesuits and their foes (the Illuminati, Freemasonry and spawn) , etc., who concocted the propaganda, follow the posts in the thread here...; the same with the Label "Protestantism" beneath this post. We Catholics have worked hard for centuries for peace (and we are a billion strong). We aren't the one's attacking and making the kooky films...It's for us all to work even harder at it.

--->A Protestant in the early 19th century tells why he could not but return to the Church: "If you will follow me in this inquiry, I will first show you how this thing called the "Reformation" began; what it arose out of; and then I will show you its progress, how it marched on, plundering, devastating, inflicting torments on the people, and shedding their innocent blood. I will trace it downward through all its stages, until I show you its natural result, in the schemes of Parson MALTHUS (emphasis his) the present misery indescribable of the labouring classes in England and Ireland, and in that odious and detestable system, which has made ... paper-money makers the real owners of a large part of the estates in this kingdom...

"Will they, indeed, dare to tell us, that Christ gave up the world wholly to "Antichrist" for twelve hundred years? Yet this they must do; they must thus stand forward with bold and unblushing blasphemy; or they must confess themselves guilty of the most atrocious calumny against the Catholic religion."...Read it all

--->Opinion: Truth Telling and the End of Democracy. "The latest batches of Wikileaks expose the backstory on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, as well as the machinations of the Clinton State Department. These documents, like those Wikileaks has previously released exposing governments and corporations around the world, come from—-your call—-'whistleblowers' or 'traitors.' As journalists have done since the beginning of a free press, the Wikileaks staff took data given to them by sources, and put it into the public domain, turning it into 'news'...More

--->Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Passes Senate Procedural Vote.... Note: I can certainly understand that the US government needs more fodder for its constant wars, but I cannot for the life of me see why homosexuals would want to beat down political doors to kill and die for the war-economy state. And that this is all done under the banner of "civil rights" reeks of a genius unique to our national propensity for delirium.

--->India: Christians mourn destruction of holy shrine. Christians fear spiral of retirbution should they protest violence done to them...

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