Monday, November 1, 2010

Ward, I'm Worried About the Beaver

...Oh? Why is that, dear?

Well, he doesn't go out and play anymore,
he just sits there with those video games and
he's been staring off distantly lately.

Oh, I'm sure it's just a phase that will pass, dear.

"The one negative effect of video games established by the research is that exposure to violent video games is causally related to aggressive thoughts, physiological arousal, aggressive behavior, and antisocial behavior. They note that this causal relation is as well established by research as the causal relation between asbestos exposure and cancer or the relationship between calcium intake and bone mass. They also note that age, sex, socioeconomic status, video game genre, or video game systems are not variables that affect these outcomes.

"However there are two variables that heighten the effect. One is depiction of blood, which results in higher levels of physiological arousal, aggressive feelings, and aggressive thoughts. Another is rewarding of violent acts, which also increases these effects...More

Homeschooling, clickNote: Of course the 'game' manufacturers also pay for their studies so the result is a highly polarized field of research results. But what does common sense tell us when children no longer spend as much time outside creating and otherwise playing games? Then there is the dramatic rise in childhood obesity and childhood Type-2 diabetes, also the rise in attention deficits, the previously noted apathy towards ordinary reading...Etc.

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