Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ram Dass Has a Son

Ram Dass was working on his new book, Be Love Now, written with his longtime friend, Rameshwar Das, when a letter arrived from a stranger: "I believe you may be the father of my older brother."

What?! Ram Dass dismissed it at first, thinking, “Someone’s trying to hustle me.” A world-renown spiritual leader, Ram Dass was formerly Richard Alpert, the psychology professor at Harvard who was fired with Timothy Leary for experimenting with LSD. He’s bisexual with a preference for men, has never wanted children and teaches that spiritual love is of a higher order than personal love. He famously said, “If you want to see how enlightened you are, go spend a week with your family.” Having a son—if true—would challenge his beliefs about love...Read more

Note: Richard Alpert, aka Ram Dass, reminds me of another sad man (Alan Watts Click). New Age "spirituality" in our time has, I'm afraid, largely involved the attempt to circumvent the natural and / or moral laws. It was for many, and sadly, a careless irresponsibility which butchered not only personal lives and families, but also Eastern religions themselves which have been bastardized in decadence here in the West. I'm glad Alpert has finally been forced to confront and make some peace with objective reality in the person of his son before he passes.

Update: See also, The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America...

Two Revisited: St. Thomas Aquinas and A Neo-Platonist Friend---And St. Catherine of Sienna

Sts. Thomas, Vincent Ferrer, Joseph_Jesus A man at another website reflects on Being in an essay entitled Beyond being: Postmodern theology and Islamic thought

"Is the God of our intellection in fact God or an icon or idol of God? Is the God of our ideas, our belief a poor image of the God of Faith, Faith which is infused and self-revelatory rather than the eidolon, the Caesarean coin whose image is grasped at and exchanged by pen and tongue as a god, but one which is not god?...God is beyond “Yes” and beyond “No”. He is beyond these categories of being and nothingness, categories that are mutually defined: the God that is is not defined by that which He is not, nor is the God who is not defined by His being, yet to propose such is heresy in the eyes of Orthodoxy and thus one is susceptible to having the head separated from the neck by the sword of Law. The Catholic Church has not fared much better with its rigid adoption of the peripatetic methods borrowed from Ibn Rushd by S. Albertus Magnus and his erudite pupil, St. Thomas Aquinas. Although they present the Aristotelian mind set and enjoy the approbation of great Popes, nevertheless, the old questions of being and the transcendence of being have arisen again, garbed as post-modern ideas, ideas so old they have been forgotten, ideas of being that are beyond new - and perhaps they are."

This was a truly interesting post from a man who clearly thinks deeply and with a certain erudition. His is a website I appreciate much for precisely these reasons, since it stirs me to thought. Having said that, I think there is a mistake or temptation here. The God of our intellection when that intellection is informed and renewed by the Word of God and sacred Tradition cannot be an idol because the parameters are therein set to keep us precisely from taking off into flights of unhinged mysticism which lead straight to New Age interior chaos ...Read more

--->Officials find 2,000 fetuses at Bangkok temple..."apparently to conceal illegal abortions"...

How St. Catherine of Siena and All the Saints Guide Us Through Storms in History

The saints shed a lot of light on theology---by living it humbly, spiritually and existentially

In times such as ours, when the so much of the world and church appears convulsed in trials, attacks from without and from within, and the judgments consequent to it all which seek to call us back, one searches history to find at least roughly analogous times. The 14th century was certainly one of those times.

The Lord prophesied that the Church would always be attacked from without, but dissident attacks and storms from within are more difficult. Doubtless the fact that there was a Judas even among the Twelve whom Our Lord called was intended to be instructive for all time, yet it is an often forgotten fact. And so when crisis from within breaks upon the Church there is great pain and confusion spread throughout the entire Mystical Body as it attempts to correct the situation, resolve the crisis, and expel the viruses which attempt to destroy the living vineyard of Christ.

Such were the times St. Catherine of Siena was called to be a holy witness in...Read more

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