Saturday, November 13, 2010

Telegraph: Warning of New Era of Surveillance State

"Britain is heading for a new surveillance state of unmanned spy drones, GPS tracking of employees and profiling through social networking sites, the information watchdog has warned".

Note: What have the British people ever done to their government to deserve this Panopticon oppression?

The relentless march of the surveillance society has seen snooping techniques "intensify and expand" at such a pace that regulators are struggling to keep up, according to Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner.

Despite moves by the Coalition Government to row back intrusions of privacy, a new wave of monitoring risks making the spy state greater than ever.

Mr Graham's predecessor warned in 2006 that the UK could be "sleepwalking into a surveillance society" and an updated report for him today said such concerns are "no less cogent" in 2010. It said that "visual, covert, database and other forms of surveillance have proceeded apace" and that much of it "goes beyond the limits of what is tolerable in a society". ...Read it all

--->Council on Foreign Relations panel advises Obama to scale back Afghan occupation. Influential US experts on Friday painted a grim picture of the Afghanistan war, calling on President Barack Obama to consider scaling back the military mission without signs of progress. The task force of the Council on Foreign Relations largely backed the Obama administration's plan of intensifying military operations against the Taliban and starting a withdrawal in mid-2011. But the panel -- led by Richard Armitage and Samuel Berger, top aides to presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton -- said the administration needed to take hard decisions after its own highly anticipated war review in December...Read on

Jesus Christ Superstar ---and the mysteries of grace. Grace works in so many ways, calling, convicting, wooing, reminding. I'll never forget, I was about 14 years old and was invited to a beautiful young girl's house. She was a true Knockout. She seemed to like talking to this little heathen about all sorts of interesting things and I was surely after her. She was smart. I dreamed about her, was miserable without her.

Her father was a bar owner and a sad alcoholic who often came home plastered. And that day he did. It was hard to behold. She must have suffered so. Anyway, that afternoon while I was lost in her eyes, pretending to be interested in whatever she was saying, she said Have you ever heard Jesus Christ Superstar? Er, No. I don't think I have. Would you like to hear it? Er, sure...I would have watched Bozo the Clown just to be sitting near her. She went and got the record and put it on and played a few of the songs. "I don't know how to love him," I recall liking, though a lot of the rest seemed silly or just bad.

But then came a part called 39 Lashes...the flagellation. I wasn't prepared for this. Time seemed to stop as the count began. All one heard was 39 painful lashes.

I was shocked, absorbed. All the Stations of the Cross I saw at church seemed to pass through my extremely unripe brain as the lashes bore down on the Victim, one after a painful another. And for the first time I forgot Cathy was even in the room.

Grace, the faint beginnings of the call, erupts almost anywhere, at any time, even in the most unlikely of places and situations. Cathy and I never got together. She was above my league, too physically beautiful for a leprechaun like me, though the nicest of persons (which made it all the more painful). But she gave me something that day, some lasting moment that has echoed through many decades, a gem consisting of 39 nine rending moments in an otherwise terrible production.

--->International Pro-Life Leaders to Join Pope in Historic Vigil for Nascent Life...

--->China: Rise in depression and mental illness even among party officials in China...

--->G-20's failure to reach solutions could prompt trade barriers...

--->Imagine: McDonald's and PepsiCo to help write UK health policy... Note: There's got to be some alternative between this multinational absurdity and NY's Dear Leader Bloomberg telling people they can't buy regular Soda at all if they are on Welfare, unless it contains nasty aspartame owned by Monstano or some other variation of unnatural 'sweetner'.

--->Alex Jones called out on 'False bin Laden' videos...

--->National Cancer Institute Must Tell Women Abortion, Breast Cancer Linked...

--->William Buckley Jr. Interviews, er, Playpig Hugh Hefner on Firing Line (1966, click). All parts here follow in sequence. Note: I almost didn't recognize Hefner without his pajamas. Besides pressing him on Kinsey and Freud, I would have liked to ask the 'ol Moralizer about the morality of having 3 'girlfriends' at a time on the flying trapeze even into advanced old age; and whether he has seen his share of suicides and other tragedies after the 'girls' are let out of his money-grubbing harem; and whether he has felt any guilt at all about (what, millions by now?) all the other wrecked lives he has left in consequence of the general societal nihilism which he and his financial backers in no small part unleashed ...

--->Lawfare In Austria: Is Truth Illegal?

--->Barack Obama: We Must Embrace Globalism And The
Emerging One World Economy...

--->"TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Tennessee Security Checkpoint...," cries "stop touching me!" yet it continued, as if the little one or her family met the profile of a terrorist. Government is now in our pants... Let's hope the manufacturers have deep pockets....

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It's surely time to reconnect with family, neighbors and friends. We are all stronger together than apart.

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