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US Department of Defense Is the Worst Polluter on the Planet

Project Censored: The following is among the Top 25 suppressed stories designated for 2011

The US military is responsible for the most egregious and widespread pollution of the planet, yet this information and accompanying documentation goes almost entirely unreported. In spite of the evidence, the environmental impact of the US military goes largely unaddressed by environmental organizations and was not the focus of any discussions or proposed restrictions at the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This impact includes uninhibited use of fossil fuels, massive creation of greenhouse gases, and extensive release of radioactive and chemical contaminants into the air, water, and soil.

The extensive global operations of the US military (wars, interventions, and secret operations on over one thousand bases around the world and six thousand facilities in the United States) are not counted against US greenhouse gas limits. Sara Flounders writes, “By every measure, the Pentagon is the largest institutional user of petroleum products and energy in general. Yet the Pentagon has a blanket exemption in all international climate agreements.”

While official accounts put US military usage at 320,000 barrels of oil a day, that does not include fuel consumed by contractors, in leased or private facilities, or in the production of weapons. The US military is a major contributor of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that most scientists believe is to blame for climate change.

Steve Kretzmann, director of Oil Change International, reports, “The Iraq war was responsible for at least 141 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) from March 2003 through December 2007. . . . That war emits more than 60 percent that of all countries. . . . This information is not readily available . . . because military emissions abroad are exempt from national reporting requirements under US law and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.”

According to Barry Sanders, author of The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism, “the greatest single assault on the environment, on all of us around the globe, comes from one agency . . . the Armed Forces of the United States.”

Throughout the long history of military preparations, actions, and wars, the US military has not been held responsible for the effects of its activities upon environments, peoples, or animals. During the Kyoto Accords negotiations in December 1997, the US demanded as a provision of signing that any and all of its military operations worldwide, including operations in participation with the UN and NATO, be exempted from measurement or reductions.

After attaining this concession, the Bush administration then refused to sign the accords and the US Congress passed an explicit provision guaranteeing the US military exemption from any energy reduction or measurement. ...Read on

Project Censored keeps annual tabs on news which is under-reported or suppressed by mainstream media.

Human Rights Watch and "Concentration Camps"

--->Despite what was asserted or conjectured in my webcast conversation with Lt. Col Robert Bowman (click) and less credible persons about "concentration camps" supposedly being built up around this nation, it appears the US' own account may indeed be correct that old military installations and other "unlisted and unmarked subfield offices" have been set up to handle illegal immigration overflow and related problems or other emergencies, according to Human Rights Watch ....Read on

Many of the facts related about how these immigrants are rounded up and detained are deplorable, but it appears consistent with the government's own accounting for such and other facilities. Certainly HRW's recommendations should be acted on if they have not been already.

In this connection also see Jacqueline Stevens' article "ICE Operates Secret Detention and Courts" in The Nation magazine... She says undisclosed detention points "violates the UN's Covenant on Civil and Political Rights"

To be considered also in connection with "concentration camp" talk is the fact that many non-violent antiwar activists have been detained and released since September 11, 2001. And though widely criticized, this was also true of those arrested or otherwise detained for various reasons during Hurricane Katrina. Such detention facility contingency plans have long existed in some form; recall the tragic round-up of Japanese citizens during WWII; recall also that the apostle of nonviolence, Dorothy Day, was on a list to be rounded up "in the event of a national emergency"... -- [The above Post Updated 2x 10.14.10]

--->After surrendering Ireland to the EU, Irish leader Brian Cowen’s drinking now ‘greatly diminished’...

--->New book revives role of JFK’s Irish driver in Dallas...Did he accelerate after the shots or inadvertently hesitate?...

--->Benedict Calls for rich nations to reassess "lifestyles of an unsustainable consumption" harmful to poorer nations; calls for revitalization of agriculture, a return to small farming..."the process of industrialization has sometimes overshadowed the agricultural sector, which, while in turn benefiting from the knowledge and modern techniques, has lost its importance, with significant consequences on a cultural level. I think the time has come for a call to reassess the agriculture sector, not in a nostalgic sense, but as an indispensable resource for the future...even many graduates return to dedicate themselves to farming, thus wanting to respond not only to a personal and family need, but also to a sign of the times, to a concrete feeling for the common good" ...Read it all

--->50 UK Anglican clergymen to join Catholic Church...

--->Abbott Joseph: What must I do?...

--->Hedges: Liberalism is dead, moral nihilism near. A fascinating 20 minute conversation with author Chris Hedges who says that only the radical Left (socialists, communists, etc; no option for us) made the liberal New Deal society possible by acting as a check on that extremism. But now he says Liberalism is dead; and says he has landed as something of an anarchist. Hedges says he has not entirely despaired, but it's not clear to me at all what he proposes, except maybe to opt for Camus' choice which he cites. ...Watch it.

Is it all war all of the time then? He is as scathing in his criticism of the faux "progressivism" of Harvard "liberals" as he is of Fox News. And he is far from optimistic about the political usefulness of the Internet, and in my opinion rightly deplores the transition from a "print-based" culture to an electronic culture.

Has he ever heard of Distributism? I wondered as I listened. I imagine he would wryly smile. But we still have the capacity to try to persuade morally, appealing to hearts and minds, non-violently. Even the elites are human after all.

Update: After seeing this..., I can only hope and pray Chris Hedges is not advocating an escalating clash between his Socialist-Anarcho-Left and the Right, just as I hope and pray Beck and Jones aren't itching for the same from their Anarcho-Right. Because that would be complete blindness. The young man who immediately follows Hedges here makes more sense when he appeals to our moral sense. Reason and non-violent non-cooperation with evils can prevail. Hedges at times seems as ambiguous on the likelihood of "apocalyptic" violence as Jones and Beck do. They should all cease such talk, lest they bring it about precisely by this ambiguity and by each side suggesting the other side will start it.

--->Cell Phones contain gold, copper, iron, silver, zinc, nickel, platinum, tin. These metals come from somewhere. And bloodshed is often the result on route to mining these...

Note: The bastards infected a friend's computer and the poor holy man is now selling Viagra as a part time job in his email. I hope I didn't get it. In any case, if I try to sell you Viagra, know. Heck, at least I hope you do!

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