Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Pope Evidently Thinks It Was Worth
The Risk In This Moment... "Twice before these two men held wide-ranging discussions, which became the best-selling books Salt of the Earth and God and the World. Then, Seewald's discussion partner was Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican's chief doctrinal office. Now, Joseph Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI, the spiritual leader of ... over one billion Catholics. Though Seewald now interviews the Pope himself, the journalist "pulls no punches", posing some of the thorniest questions any Pope has had to address. Believers and unbelievers will be fascinated to hear Benedict's thoughtful, straightforward and thought-provoking replies. This is no stern preachment or ponderous theological tract, but a lively, fast-paced, challenging, even entertaining exchange.

Peter Seewald is a veteran German journalist who has done two other best-selling book length interviews with Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI)...He is also the author of Benedict XVI: An Intimate Portrait, and Pope Benedict XVI: Servant of the Truth. Pope Benedict XVI is a highly regarded theologian and the author of dozens of best-selling spiritual and theological books."

Note: Was it wise for a pope to say so much? Is it wise for any pope to speak to the press so often? Does the inflation of media presentations ironically devalue the very words a pope speaks? Or was this particular interview as necessary as Benedict evidently thinks it is? I don't know. Only time will tell. We will see.

--->Sandro Magister: Friendly Fire on Benedict XVI. And a Condom's to Blame...(click)

Note: I had written that Benedict's meaning was immediately clear "except to the malicious". But people like Fr. Fessio are clearly not malicious, so my comment was overstated. Still, Benedict's meaning seems self-evident to me. I said it's as though he were saying that if a man was determined to rob a bank (commit grave sexual sins) and kill the guard at the door (his own soul), the least he can do is not kill all the Tellers and customers (potentially infect wayward customers with lethal disease)... Not even mortal sin can predict whether the "first step" in the direction of consideration of the lives others---even those similarly engaged in grave sins---might not mean finding one's way out of the dark. Jesus came, the Gospel tells, not to call the morally well but the morally sick.

--->Nat'l Catholic Register's favorite quotes from the Pope's new book...(click) On the papacy: "The fact that all the early popes were martyrs is significant. Standing there as a glorious ruler is not part of being pope, but rather giving witness to the One who was crucified and to the fact that he himself is ready also to exercise his office in this way, in union with him."

--->If Wikileaks Broke the Espionage Act, So Did the New York Times...

--->Robert Scheer: Hillary Gets Wiki-Served. "Hillary Clinton should cut out the whining about what the Obama administration derides as “stolen cables” and confront the unpleasant truths they reveal about the contradictions of U.S. foreign policy and her own troubling performance...(click)" ... "Do we as voters not have a need to know that our State Department says that Ahmed Wali Karzai, the half brother of the Afghan leader we are backing and himself the head of government in the most contested province, “is widely understood to be corrupt and a narcotics trafficker”? Or that authorities working with our Drug Enforcement Administration discovered Afghanistan’s then-vice president smuggling $52 million in cash out of his country, a nation that U.S. taxpayers are bankrolling?"

--->Wikileaks: The Tel Aviv Connection. "What is Tel Aviv to do now that it’s known Israelis and pro-Israelis ‘fixed’ the intelligence that induced the U.S. to war in Iraq?...Read on

--->Juan Cole: Wikileaks on Israel, Iraq and the Iranian Specter...

--->Carhart moves late-term abortions into rundown MD abortion mill...

--->Apple Finds Even "Ecumenical Christianity" Offensive To Large Groups of People, Removes App... [Time to Boycott Apple. Only the pocketbook gets their attention].

--->Irish the Patsys of Europe: "The problem for the Irish and European leaders is that there has been a sea change in public opinion in Ireland over the past few weeks, a reversal of the previous public mood of resigned acceptance"...Read on [Well, yes, the people now realize that Ireland is a bought-and-paid-for vassal state to faceless bureaucrats in Brussels] Meanwhile, "In the Celtic Tiger years it slowed to a trickle, but now in the bad times, emigration from Ireland to America is once again picking up rapidly..."

--->Huckabee Calls for Execution of Alleged Leaker to Wikileaks...

--->US Ready with Taxpayer Funds to Back Bigger EU Stability Fund... and in consequence Bonds plunge...

--->Offshore oil drilling ban to be maintained in key areas...

--->Professor calls for end of economic growth in West to "save the planet"... [Well, doesn't it depend on what we mean by economic growth?]

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  1. Like most, God's Rottweiler, too, locks eyes with the world. He apparently trusts Seewald as much as JP II trusted Weigel. I look forward to reading this interview/book, but don't anticipate surprises. He has been consistent, and is far more engaged and savvy than most of the world realizes. Besides, he has no choice but to provide unusual clarity --the *Vatican* with or without its attendant spaniels comes out with some wild stuff.