Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010

--->Can the novella save (SH: or whet the appetite for) literature? They're no less artful than full-length books, but they need less of your time. The perfect form for today's lifestyles...

Speaking of which: (see right hand column), The Green Pail, and Gifts Unexpected. I priced them to be inexpensive, so I don't make a dime; People have embarrassingly told me these were more engrossing than some bestsellers they have read. They are certainly the most satisfying things I have written, in my opinion.
Dear Steve,

I finally got my hands on your two books Green Pail and Gifts Unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed them. I generally read the classics, but the inspired simplicity of your stories is beautiful in a much more personal way. You truly have a gift. Have you written other stories I might not be aware of?

John Goes (2009)

These books are unmistakably but indirectly Catholic. Ok, enough with the shamelessness. But I hope you will consider getting them. And I hope a blessing awaits through drama. We need both nasty realism and hope today, which is what I tried to accomplish in these.


Dear Stephen,

I finished reading "Gifts Unexpected" and "The Green Pail" a couple of weeks and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them. You truly have a gift for story-telling. My reading diet is mostly composed of Church Doctrine and History, Spirituality, etc. but I find it relieving to have some consoling literature from time to time, yours having the added benefit of being Catholic. They are a measured blend of Christian hope and suffering, without being saccharine or pollyannish.

In the Sacred Heart of Our Lord,
Brad Carson, Nov.18, 2010

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