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Like the Woman at the Well, She's Worked Hard to Heal and Heed...

at home with the CrossMia Farrow: 'My faith helps me through hard times'

The Independent, 2006: Mia Farrow tugs at the gold chain around her neck, revealing a pendant of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. "My father gave it to me when I was 12 and I never take it off. He died five years later," she says.

"If you're brought up a Catholic and you've had 13 years of convent education with nuns, there's no way you ever get out from under that. I've accepted that fact about myself so there are certain things - like my lost saint - that sometimes are not so lost."

And if ever anyone was in need of help, perpetual or otherwise, it was Farrow 14 years ago when faced with the devastating news that her then partner Woody Allen had fallen for her teenage adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, who would later become his wife.

"My faith has helped me through many difficult times. It made me understand what it is by that which cannot be taken away. The essential self that is yours and yours alone cannot be taken away. Only you can give it up...Read more

--->Antiwar.com: Mr. Bush a Big Fan of Obama’s War in Afghanistan. "Of course neither of those escalations in Afghanistan, now decidedly “Obama’s War,” have accomplished anything good, the situation has continued to worsen with record death tolls. But at least someone is happy: his predecessor, George W. Bush ...Read it all.

--->George W Bush had 'sickening feeling' over WMD lack... "Former US President George W Bush still has "a sickening feeling" about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, US media report." And yet he has no regrets over his decision to selectively target one of the world's tyrants. "He argues that Iraqi citizens are better off without the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, whom he calls a "homicidal dictator", adding the US is also better off without Mr Hussein pursuing biological or chemical weapons"...Read on

Note: If any group of terrorists hit a nation and kill thousands of it citizens, some kind of military action is only to be expected. It could have been a kind of police action to bring Osama bin Laden and his associates to justice. Yet these suspects remain free. The question begs to be asked to this hour, when is enough, enough?

A just war must be proportionate (click) to the provocation to be just, according to Just War criteria. But how can "Over one million Iraqis [meeting] violent deaths as a result of the 2003 invasion, according to a study conducted by the prestigious British polling group, Opinion Research Business (ORB)" be considered proportionate by any stretch of imagination? And, apart from sitting on Iraq's oil fields, how can the ongoing (military bases) occupation there be justified? [Sources via: Project Censored]

Saddam Hussein was a tyrant, there can be no question. I have seen his torture methods too. But he was only one in a world of tyrants. And so we were very selective in singling him out, and at what a price; and few doubt his oil fields played no small part in that decision.

--->Bush on waterboarding: 'Damn right'... "CIA experts drew up a list of interrogation techniques. ... At my direction, Department of Justice and CIA lawyers conducted a careful legal review. The enhanced interrogation program complied with the Constitution and all applicable laws, including those that ban torture." Read more...

Bush Supporter Christopher Hitchens was Waterboarded. His conclusion? "Believe me, it's torture" "...if waterboarding does not constitute torture, then there is no such thing as torture." ...Read more

We once thought that torture was characteristic of an antiquated jurisprudence, of brutal times before prisons as we know them were common, to say nothing of the reign of terror of the French Revolution after our own nation was born. We thought we had left all of that behind. But since the 1980's especially, and the School of the Americas, we have increasingly looked into the abyss, and now the abyss is back in us, the so-called children of the Enlightenment. For our own good we must reconsider and turn around.

--->Outsourcing: labor appears to be being redistributed by design, many have been saying for a long time now. "Laws institutionalizing the demise of the rule of law (i.e., the Bush administration’s torture memos), the massive-scale handover of public money to huge private institutions as well as other unfettered business and election practices are turning America into a third-world nation complete with rigged electoral and judicial systems and the militarization of a vast law enforcement network to keep everyone in line as things get worse among the middle and poor classes."---Kristina Borjesson

Let's hope we come back to our senses. There can be plenty of free international cooperation and fair trade between sovereign nations without all this. One of the Popes has said "If you want peace, work for justice". Fairness, not coercion, is what the nations of the world seek. And that is what makes for genuine peace.

--->Take Action! A Freeze on Foreclosures! In recent weeks, it has been revealed that the nation’s largest banks have been fraudulently foreclosing on tens, if not hundreds of thousands of families. The big banks financed the predatory mortgage firms that caused the crisis in the first place, an now they are foreclosing on families, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly and even veterans using slipshod foreclosure mills to do their dirty work...Read on

--->Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan 'for blasphemy' "Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother-of-five, denies blasphemy and told investigators that she was being persecuted for her faith in a country where Christians face routine harassment and discrimination"... Read more Note: Deport her if need be, please don't kill her.

--->No charges for destroying CIA interrogation videos. A special prosecutor cleared the CIA's former top clandestine officer and others Tuesday of any charges for destroying agency videotapes showing waterboarding of terror suspects, but he continued to investigate whether the harsh questioning went beyond legal boundaries...

--->Sex, drugs more common in hyper-texting teens...

--->Monsanto candidates win election...

--->National Catholic Register: Taking Action Against Cable Porn...

--->Church of England in crisis as five bishops defect
to Bishop of Rome...

--->Gay ol' "Church of England is 'like a coffee chain going out of business', defecting bishops warn"

--->BBC Interview. 'How I cured stomach ulcers' - Nobel winner Dr. Barry Marshall. It's not stress, it's a bacteria needing antibiotic...

--->Physicians, Drug Companies Too Cozy for Comfort: Study...

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