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How a closed order of Benedictine nuns recorded an album

The Nuns: A freely chosen oblation
given for us all in Christ

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Earlier this year, the nuns of the Abbaye Notre Dame de l’Annonciation, near Avignon, took a call. It was, improbably, Decca Records asking to visit. The company was launching a global search to find the world’s finest female exponents of Gregorian chant – a talent contest for nuns. It had advertised in Catholic newspapers, hired a specialist nun-hunter, followed the leads. Two A&R men turned up at the abbey. The purity of the sisters’ singing was obvious at once, yet the search continued: 70 auditions, from America to Africa. And then, in July, although warned that it would not find a more traditional order than the Abbaye sisters, Decca chose this group of 28 women, whose mystique and dignity are enhanced by their refusal to engage with the hype surrounding a record launch. They are wary of the world but say, ‘We did this for others, for their spiritual wellbeing; it will bring peace to the people who listen to our music.’---Read On

--->The Exaggerations regarding
Human Fulfillment...

The Poet: This morning on PBS I was reminded by hearing of the remarkable words of Kahlil Gibran on the calling of the Poet and of the meaning of poetry in service to language and thought. He wrote:

The poet is both the father and the mother of language; language travels the same roads he travels and stops to rest where he stops to rest, and if the poet dies, language sits on his grave crying over the loss, wailing until another poet passes by and extends his hands to it. And if the poet is both the father and the mother of language, the imitator is the weaver of its shroud and the digger of its grave.

By poet, I mean every inventor, be he big or small, every discoverer, be he strong or weak, every creator, be he great or humble, every lover of pure life, be he a master or a pauper and everyone who stands in awe before the day and the night, be he a philosopher or a guard at a vineyard...Read the entire excerpt

--->Reclaiming Catholic Culture: I was saying to a man recently, Why are so many Catholic apologists on the Internet and TV so redundant, forever repeating the well-known differences between Catholics and Protestants? Mary, the saints.... I mean really. We are a billion strong worldwide. How is it even possible that we have "lost" (for the time being) the so-called Culture Wars? ...More

--->China may be bigger economy than US within two years...China is already nearly there...

--->"CNN’s Larry King recently welcomed noted physicist Stephen Hawking on the air to discuss his new book, The Grand Design, in which Hawking opines that the universe did not need God to create it or establish its laws [Ah, 'design' but no Designer, brilliant--sh) There to challenge Hawking was Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer of the Magis Institute." (Note Magis, as in teacher, not Magus as in Wizard!) Now what, pray, is the Magis Institute?

--->In Curt Exchange, U.S. Faults Israel
on Housing...

Portrait of Joseph Stalin by Pablo Picasso, commissioned by Louis Aragon for the cover of the March 12, 1953, issue of the French Communist Party’s literary journal, Les Lettres Françaises, in commemoration of the dictator’s death --->Painting Over His Shadow. "[Picasso] turned a blind eye, like Sartre and Beauvoir and many other French intellectuals, to Soviet brutality in Eastern Europe, Picasso’s faith in communism had already begun to falter when [Yes?], in March 1953, Aragon commissioned him to do a portrait in commemoration of Stalin’s death for Les Lettres Françaises, the Party’s literary journal. [Yes?] Aragon was blamed when Picasso’s stylized rather than idealized image of a heroic, overly mustachioed young leader was received with howls of derision by Party members when it was published. This was not how true believers envisioned the “eternal father of the people.” After this episode, Picasso limited his agitprop contributions [yes?] to Party fluff." ---How Political Was Picasso? John Richardson, New York review of Books Note: Pathetic revisionism it seems to me. Gotta keep those value appraisals and neo-gnostic assaults on traditional cultures up there at all costs.

---> See also Evelyn Waugh on Picasso...

---> "22 Shocking Population Control Quotes From The Global Elite That Will Make You Want To Lose Your Lunch" ...Read it

Question concerning methods: With approx 42-49 million abortions worldwide every year for many decades, and then The (cancer causing) Pill ingested by multi-millions of women across the globe (does this include the often under-reported effects of the Morning After abortion Pill?), and now add into the mix the promoted non-fecund forms of unnatural sex------ will they reach their stated goals? I am comforted in Hope to realize it was the people, not all British or European leaders, who rejected the ravings of Malthus. All the more reason we've got to win back media, legally smash the media monopolies, so that the monologue they want is not realized. See labels below this post on eugenics and population control.

--->The Human Genome Project and Eugenics By Robert Lederman

--->Secular Humanism’s Self Refuting
Theory of Knowledge...

--->The German people were reported in unprecedented rebellion against government this week...1000 injured in nuclear protests, police at breaking point...

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