Thursday, November 18, 2010

Even the Bad Are Rewarded in This Life by God

---A lesson from "The End of the Present World" by Fr. Charles Arminjon, who was a spiritual guide to St. Therese of Lisieux

Writing on the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, Fr. Arminjon elucidates the teaching of St. John Chrysostom on the profound lesson regarding the bad rich man who neglected the enormous sufferings of Lazarus, and the goodness and justice of God.

"In the present life, no one can be absolutely bad; at times the most wicked malefactors comply with the moral law on certain points; amidst their dissipation, they maintain some remnants of natural virtue. As inhuman as they are, and slaves of cupidity, nevertheless there are rare and exceptional circumstances when they consent to be just, merciful, or impartial.

"Now, God, reserving to Himself the task of punishing them rigorously one day on account of their crimes, and, on the other hand, desiring, for the honor of His justice, to leave no good work unrewarded, however small and imperfect they may be, often, in this world, showers pleasures and temporal goods upon the wicked and ungodly. He grants them, as to the bad rich man, a dazzling sumptuous life, exquisite and abundant food, soft carpets, a large number of flatterers and parasites, the glitter and pomp of all desirable pleasures. Thus the bad rich man had received his good things.

"Lazarus, by contrast, endowed with all the heavenly gifts and having attained the height of perfection by his heroic patience, had probably fallen through natural weakness into some slight faults. We may suppose that, at the sight of the ostentatious wealth of the man whose crumbs and surplus he had begged in vain, his heart had felt momentarily embittered and revolted. Perhaps his faith and trust had faltered and, to some extent, weakened.

"Now, God, who intended to place Lazarus among His elect and crown him though all eternity, and who, on the other hand, will take the just to Himself only when they have been completely purified of every fault, desired in His hidden designs that Lazarus should undergo long and difficult trials during his earthly sojourn, and sent him sores, sickness, poverty, abandonment and contempt. Thus, when Lazarus reached the end of his life, he had paid his debt to justice; he had received his woes. The bad rich man and the poor man each received their due from the divine Renumerator: the rich man---sensual pleasures, honors, and wealth in this life...the poor man---extreme trials and tribulations in this life."

--->Purgatory: To be cleansed, for "nothing unclean shall enter [heaven]" (Rev. 21:27
)...Purgatory in sacred scripture and theology

--->Bill Gates: mobile health technology will save lives, "help overpopulation". Hmmm..."birth registration system" [His Dad was the bad cop, director of Planned Parenthood butchery; Bill the son is more altruistic sounding and always mentions saving lives in the same breath as preventing them...but the end result is the same, like father like son, each have worked to keep the poor especially from being born ----so that the rich can have more to themselve? Memo to Gates: denounce our wars if you want to change the world and radically reduce environmental destruction; and make room for babies who have as much right as you to be born). Meanwhile, Cardinal Ratzinger (today Benedict XVI) said we must reject and protest any concept of globalization which would "reduce the number of guests at the table of humanity..."

--->Blessed are the poor: Homeless Man Finds and
Returns $3300 in Cash...

--->Irish Independent: We'll pay too high a price for EU bailout...

--->Say What? Kissinger: "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer..."

--->Peak Oil: Why The Pentagon Is Pessimistic.

Note: if in fact we have reached peak oil and are now on the downward supply side then we had better stop our crazed wars first and foremost, then cut back on superfluous technological wizardry, rely more on public transportation, etc. Back to about 1950, minus the lead-gas guzzlers, sounds about right. What we don't need is more "carbon taxes" to maintain the dangerous futility of a hyperreal society. Population control, however, is the vicious red herring concocted in the greedy minds of neo-malthusians and abortion-for-profit schemes.

It's interesting but frightening to see how the judgments raining down on the earth now are of our own making... brick by amoral brick. Babel.

--->Vatican warns China over bishop's ordination. The Vatican warned Beijing on Thursday not to force Catholic bishops loyal to the pope to attend the ordination of a bishop who is a member of the state-backed [dominated] church that does not recognize the pontiff....

--->Violent Anti-UN Protests Erupt In Haitian Capital "for failing to contain the cholera outbreak threatening the nation"---Read on

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