Monday, November 1, 2010

Catholic Apologists and Reclaiming Culture

I was saying to a man recently, Why are so many Catholic apologists on the Internet and TV so redundant, forever repeating the well-known differences between Catholics and Protestants? Mary, the saints.... I mean really.

Write it once, I suggested, and then be done with it, move on, unless some new angle deserves a different emphasis maybe. These matters otherwise are all very well known and easily found by seekers. The publishing houses have many good books treating of the dogmatic foundations.

What we need today is to find our Catholic strength again. We are a billion strong worldwide. How is it even possible that we have "lost" (for the time being) the so-called Culture Wars? Maybe because of these just-mentioned redundant diversions? We need conferences and Think-Tanks to prepare the way to legally break up media monopoly (absolutely critical) and so reclaim more of the culture, at least in terms of the moral and natural laws so that it is friendlier to Christians and all decent persons.

We need reputable and orthodox Catholics (no GOP and Donkey warmongers!) to set up organizations, and millionaires to leave bequests for the help and good of our children and neighbors into the stormy future. Sometimes it seems to me all those receiving gifts are doing a lot of nothing with it, except for the blessed pro-life movement which has a lot to teach about activism, and

But we need television, movies and programming in general to be more of ours, and actors, screenwriters, news persons. Monopoly is the immediate dragon that must be slain. Then---and I will sound a broken record here---Drop-in centers need to be set up in every city to share the Good News with the bewildered.

Isn't it time to stop twiddling around by now? The numbers of Catholics already in the world is our strength. What in God's Name are we doing with it?

--->The Separation Between Study and the Interior Life---by Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

True seekers. history shows, will always find the answers they are looking for. They will brave every tempest, climb any mountain to arrive at it.

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