Monday, November 15, 2010

Being Programmed. Come Hither
Boys and Girls.. Of All Ages

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It is all very formulaic now, propaganda ever being ratcheted up (the moguls hope you don't notice), a symbolic representation of a globalist hallucination with a view to creating a uniform, global mind. I don't 'watch' television much, but, as I've often said, I do 'spy' on it, observe it from time to time. Often the elements of the formula---not by chance---are all there in 'show' after show; all the requisite characters in place: the 'religious nut' in various shades abusing others is a staple, the caustic savior-psychologist-cop who is also often a very high-tech (swoosh-switch-wow!) enlightened agent working for The System and, as I heard on one program, blaming the crimes out loud on the "schizophrenic" notion of "a daddy in the clouds" who is (hee-hee) listening to us (Did you get that, kids?)

We are being farmed.

Meanwhile sex is (always) the message along with the For Sale technological wizardy, sometimes even pretending (wink, wink) to deplore it (the sex that is, barely masking the voyeuristic lure); or---take your pick---outright indulging, and certainly in a million ways subliminally telling younger and younger people to do it, that no one can stop them...especially not Mom and Dad (or Mom and Mom, Dad and Dad), if they know what's 'good' for them (Threat alert!), but who, if they smartly want to be cool, and un-harassed, will want to be "free" and enlightened too, just like the kids.

Is Art Dying, Dead?

Pick a program on this 'neuro-linguistic device': Law and Order, Lie to Me...the formulas will be found. You've seen it. But.... does it phase us? Do we think about it, or...... are we phasing out, drifting into hypnotic trance? It's happening....this phasing out, everywhere....If we "watch" TV for entertainment---as opposed to very occasionally observing IT or watching a decent movie--- we are not merely watching programs, but are, yes Virginia, being programmed. The multinational corporations are smart. Soon, if we do not awaken, we will phase into the global Mind, willingly march here or there, and hold in derision those who resist.

Now (broken record alert!), where is the Catholic alternative to all of this? I mean the really creative Catholic alternative in programming, screenwriting, full family-safe viewing, decent entertainment?

--->3D Television coming, like purer-grade drug; people programmed in pods of isolation--->

--->Update: Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised

--->MSNBC: 5 Ways Your TV is Killing you

--->Google's Globalist Appetite: It may change the boob tube forever. But does the Internet really make for must-see TV?. [I haven't seen "must see" TV since about 1980; today it is "must avoid their trashing and programming us" TV---sh]

--->Genuine Art still exists. But it blessedly remains in the pages of journals like this... Every home should subscribe to this. For all of our sakes.

Ever notice the way television takes a murder or some other awful crime, often thousands of miles away and focuses on it like it was happening next door? Impressed on the mind in consequence is fear over stories which are local somewhere else, a looong way off. Now add such "programs" all together.... Not good.

--->Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says. "A secret history of the United States government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad...Read it

--->Facebook unveiling new email / messaging
And here's why we should stay away from it..."...for after winter comes summer, after night, the day, and after the storm, a great calm."---Thomas a' Kemis, The Imitation of Christ

--->Marvelous Celts! Ireland resists EU-IMF mafia-like 'loans': EU authorities have begun to vent their fury against Ireland over its refusal to accept a financial rescue...

"The outburst reflected suspicion at the European Central Bank that Dublin is holding the eurozone to ransom, allowing the crisis to fester until it extracts a pledge from EU officials that it will not suffer a loss of economic sovereignty" [Note: Such a small thing, sovereignty! And there's more good reason to tell the IMF where to get off...]

--->Helen Thomas on Her Resignation and Middle East. "There is no freedom of speech when it comes to Israel". See the interview...

Julian Assange: Facebook, Google, Yahoo spying tools for US intelligence...

--->New World Disorder: Mr. Bush says some NATO allies let U.S. down in Afghanistan... He says "we cannot lose this war".

--->Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the
death of real news.. and Olberman replies...

--->China's hawks demand Cold War with the
United States...

--->US spying on friendly countries of Northern Europe - Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden?

--->Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Europe heading for it's 1931 moment...

--->As death toll of 9/11 responders nears 1,000, pols want autopsy standards
to pinpoint causes...

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