Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Austerity ... Encore (Coming to a neighborhood near you!)

How after all will we pay for perpetual planetary wars without money? How will we maintain and "grow" our hyperreal technological global superstructured sky-scrapered New Order and pay "our" multinational CEO's without the peoples money? Soooooo....Raise taxes, raid pension funds, ration health-care and everything else (Goodbye grandma!) destroy worker protections and independent unions, diminish or abolish all economic safety nets, invent ever new (carbon) taxes, taxes, taxes, coordinate, centralize, centralize, centralize, monopolize all power and authority.

--->But wait, 12/6: ! Obama cutting a deal...to lower taxes

--->Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world...

Ah, yes, today it appears the global economy is being---say it with me---e-n-g-i-n-e-e-r-e-d, partly by design (I mean really, who could not know the predatory "free"-credit orgy bubbles would bust, leaving the fallout to be scooped up $$$ by the vultures in business suits?), partly on account of default recklessness allowed to run wild thanks to Summers, Bernanke, Geithner and company who today pose as (hee-hee) the fixers who will take, a-hem, care of us.

Update: Senate blocks Obama's tax plan... [Many believe these deals, to preserve face, are actually cut behind closed doors with the outcomes arranged beforehand. It could be true. Politics always poses as immaculately pure when even a child knows...]

Taxpayers were not bailed out (who is kidding who?) only the reckless-by-design players were bailed out. Money straight to the top. And who alone is the beneficiary but the IMF, World Bank, and the multinationals? And now they use that leverage to guide our values and future. See all the posts labeled international finance...(click), and so today, all wisdom and decency to the wind! Good luck then all ye serfs, and welcome to the "Enlightenment" ---war, torture redux, prison-industrial complexes galore, Hillary spying on UN members, Blackwater aready, T&A airport scanners, CCTV cameras, soon coming to a neighborhood, train and bus station, sporting arena owned by Mr. Money!, Haliburton, and so much more... Will it all succeed? Not by moral force.

--->Repetitio mater studiorum: Mommy, who pollutes the earth? Why the military, of course, dear... [Link corrected]

--->Mort Zuckerman: The deficits we face are a dagger pointing at the heart of the American economy

On the Matter of Sin
I don't know the theologian who said it, but it is surely true: "What is urgently needed today for the renewal of the Church and society in general is a positive theology of love rather than a negative theology of sin. Many people in the past believed that certain things were wrong because they were forbidden - but they should have been taught that they were forbidden because they are intrinsically wrong. The Commandments are not kill-joys but signposts to liberty and ultimate happiness. St Thomas Aquinas, probably the greatest theologian, stresses that God only forbids certain things because they ultimately hurt us."

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