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Yes, I Like You; Yes, In Your Own Way Your Are Truly Fascinating; But No, Sorry, I Don't Want to Marry You...

I have met very few people in my life who I do not like. I'm talking about real people now, not especially online personas, though what follows certainly applies to these as well.

Most people with opinions embrace at least some fascinating truths. In my experience very few of us get it all right all of the time, or all wrong all of the time. My motto has always been "take the meat and leave the bones," whether it is in politics or religion(1), fully realizing that when we come to ripe old age we will all very likely still, despite all attempts to overcome them, be left with quite a few bones, i.e., questions, uncertainties in this area or that. People are only human after all, no matter how intelligent we may think we are. Our vision and understanding are limited, and sometimes the problems are quite complex.

The strength of thinkers and seekers after truth is that they think. That's what makes them truly fascinating. The trouble however with too many (hardly all!) thinkers is that they are often flattered by another's attentions, but, perhaps unconsciously, they seek to lure that other into complete agreement on just about everything, and so win them over to the faction, the camp, the Club. But if in time the other has to say (diplomatically of course), "Well, you really do have much to say here, but over there I think you are a little kooky," they suddenly take great offense and feathers rustle. Then very likely the other will be spurned, shunned from their circles and so on. He or she is truly 'other' then.

All or Nothing

It's sad really because when people agree on even many things, but must disagree on some other things, I've never understood why that shouldn't be expected as par for the course.

This "All or Nothing" type attitude is, it seems to me, what constitutes the temptation to a Cult Mind. And if it didn't shatter so much of what could have amounted to genuine solidarity, i.e., often engaging in the same direction to many of the same ends and values, it might be...

But that's just the way it is with some people. It's a fact of life. And we simply must get used to it.

The lure of the Cult Mind is that camps and factions---totalitarian in their own way---can be very comfortable; all problems seem resolved---or at least one does not have to think about them much anymore. And the faction is always self-reinforcing. If certain areas are questioned by an "intruder," the other members of the Club can descend like crows to attack in unison, peck the dissonant one until the "troublemaker" is gone, chased away; then it's back to blissful non-thought.

I genuinely like a lot of people who I must disagree with in some important areas. And long ago I learned that one must accept the fact that the Cult Mind will not like the 'other' in return. That's a shame. But real friends and genuine thinkers will always remain real friends and genuine thinkers---and one could hardly ask for more.

(1) In religion I am talking opinions here, not dogmas; though opinions about dogmas sometimes vary.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty"---Henry Ford

"Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections." ---Vilfredo Pareto

See also The works of mercy and the clarification of thought...

The Purist's Dilemma

One day an old pharisee named Johanan who was regarded by the community as a wise man was heard to say he had had enough! He was tired after so many years of seeing his nation filled with pagans of every kind, and he was thinking to join the plot against them. The Roman army occupation was difficult enough to endure, he was often heard to exclaim.

Johanan was known as a doctor, a pharmacist, something of a builder, a judge and many other good things, and so was highly regarded by his people.

Palestine for as long as anyone could remember had been the locus of important trade routes facilitating commerce between Anatolia, Egypt, Mesopotamia and beyond. And this was part of the problem. All sorts of people came and went, day in and day out. And always some stayed. And while other of his associations interacted with the strangers, often forming lasting friendships with them, Johanan was obstinate, a purist, and Israel he insisted had to be cleansed, beginning with the infidel-idolaters.

But one night a friend of his found him slumped at table. The old man was gravely ill, in fever...Read it all

--->Watch it: Wi-Fi could cause birth defects, British scientist warns

"OTTAWA — A British scientist and former naval weapons expert has waded into the debate over the safety of wireless networks in Canadian schools, warning generations could face genetic disorders because of prolonged exposure to low-level microwaves.

Barrie Trower, who specialized in microwave "stealth" warfare during the Cold War, was to lecture at the University of Toronto Tuesday night. His topic: safety concerns surrounding use of Wi-Fi systems in public schools.

While Health Canada maintains it is safe, Trower said there are no scientific studies that categorically state there is no harm from prolonged exposure. He also warns we could be threatening the health of future generations of Canadians who can be affected by microwaves at the DNA level...

Note: For years the vested interests denied Agent Orange and cigarettes posed any problems...decades later they ate their words. The same was true for certain automobiles [various safety concerns] and many other consumer goods. I think manufacturers who profit from sales of things which are suspected or known to otherwise be hazardous should constantly be scrutinized to see if safety modifications of devices are advisable. The burden of proof is on the manufacturer if a tort is to be avoided.

What about laptops? Read here... It is likely, these studies suggest, that it is the amount of use of many low-level radiation devices which could be of consequence; so especially for young people who seem to "live on" many of them.

--->New cell phone study raises new concerns about radiation...; or see full report on scientific studies here...

Leonardo da Vinci--->Lead Found in Salted Plum Candy from China...

--->Synergistic Toxicity of Pesticides Hurts Salmon

--->Life expectancy continues to grow in 2010; poverty greatest factor in population differences: "...for persons at every age group [life expectancy] also has increased during the past century. Based on today’s age-specific death rates, individuals aged 65 years can be expected to live an average of 18 more years, for a total of 83 years. Those aged 75 years can be expected to live an average of 11 more years, for a total of 86 years...Read it all

--->FBI Was Warned Years in Advance of
Mumbai Attacker's Terror Ties...

--->Alternative Perspectives on the War on Terrorism. Naomi Klein, 2008: The War on Terror (1 of 2) Part 1; See also Pt 2

--->Poll: Many Obama 2008 supporters defecting to GOP... Note: I find this not the least comforting. We will only end then with yet more war, more free reign to the multi-nationals steamrolling the earth with their NWO / globalization, no end to abortions. What we need is new political parties, impervious to being co-opted by bribes. Otherwise it will be the same old, same old, I fear.

--->Multinationals want to own all seeds, destroy natural seeds, copyright GM seeds and turn them into their intellectual property, create total monopoly...Vandana Shiva tells... Whatever one thinks of the climate change controversy, these other concerns appear very serious. I think St. Francis would have agreed. Shiva calls for localism and against "global monoculture".

--->Barbara Billingsley Mourned by Her "Leave It to Beaver" TV Sons Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow

--->Rolling Stone Keith Richards, age 66: "I'm not putting death on the agenda," he told the Times. "I don't want to see my old friend Lucifer just yet"

--->Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany's attempt to create a multicultural society has "failed...(Click)" "This [multicultural] approach -- saying that we simply live side by side and are happy about each other -- this approach has failed, utterly failed." Birds of a feather...[The above Post Updated 1x 10.16.10]

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