Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World’s First Global Atheistic Civilization Headed for Disaster: Former Czech President

By Hilary White

ROME, October 13, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The world’s first global and deliberately atheistic civilization is heading for disaster, the first president of the modern Czech Republic told an audience this week. Vaclav Havel, one of the most respected political and literary figures in recent European history, said that the West “has lost its connection with the infinite and with eternity,” with the result that “endless consumer collectivism is giving birth to a new type of loneliness.”

The West’s disconnection from eternity, he said, “is why it always gives priority to short-time profit over long-term profit. It is important whether an investment returns within ten or 15 years, it is less important how it will influence the life of our descendants in one hundred years.”

Havel, a playwright, essayist and anti-communist dissident who was a key figure in the defeat of Soviet communism, served as the tenth and last President of the Soviet Bloc state of Czechoslovakia and as the first President of the Czech Republic from 1993–2003. Speaking at the opening of the Forum 2000 conference in Prague this week, Havel said that unless mankind comes to its senses and becomes more humble, its global, atheistic civilization is doomed...Read it all

Note: the characterization of a 'first global 'atheistic civilization'" would seem in itself to be ominous. I wonder if Havel's characterization is official, intended as precise, or whether he is speaking of the de facto consequence of radical secularization. If the former, then Soviet dissident Bukovksy's warning would seem to take on a new and ominous color (click). If the latter, it is sad enough.

--->Facebook in Privacy Breach. Top-Ranked Applications Transmit Personal IDs, a Journal Investigation Finds"...Read it all

--->$$$$$ Swiss suicide clinic $$$$$$ Dignitas calls for cocktail of drugs to be made available for heartbroken relatives as well

--->IMF chief warns recovery 'in peril'. "The head of the IMF on Monday warned central bankers that the global recovery would be "in peril" if the world's major economies do not keep working together, amid mounting fears of a currency war..."

--->Brigitte Bardot wants to challenge Sarkozy as French president. Bardot has ... written to President Sarkozy telling him she may run against him because he 'took her for an idiot' by not keeping his manifesto promises to outlaw the traditional Muslim treatment of animals (no link).

--->Analysis: NATO points finger at Pakistan as Osama bin Laden hiding place..."This is the first time in many, many years that the finger has been pointed so blatantly at Pakistan. If you look at Bob Woodward's book "Obama's War," one of the things Barack Obama has wanted to do is point the finger at Pakistan and say "the problem is there" whether it is terror training camps or home to bin Laden. It seems to be part of an effort to put the focus on Pakistan...

--->Putin warns that "traitors" who exposed alleged Russian spies could "end up in a ditch..."

--->United Arab Emirates — The UAE's highest judicial body says a man can beat his wife and young children as long as the beating leaves no physical marks...

Sts. Andre and Mary
--->+ CatholicTV Network Sunday coverage of the canonization Mass of six new saints, including Blessed Mary MacKillop from Australia and Brother André Bessette from Canada Watch the video of the Mass of canonization

--->Global governance: Secretary General argues for lead role for the United Nations... Note: Get rid of the present "Security Council" rules and allow other nations their chance to make these decisions on a revolving basis and we might be more impressed. Surely the present make up of the "Security" Council has done little to advance genuine peace which is what security should mean.

--->Pentagon Military recruiters told to accept 'gay' applicants... The 'gay' agenda, which the media wildly obsesses on despite the radical disproportion to ordinary families and persons everywhere is pure distraction; and it is demobilizing relative to antiwar and other major concerns. I see it as pure disinformation aimed at keeping TV addicts lost in hyperreality so that what really matters is lost in a flood of propaganda. What is of consequence, though, is the fact that homosexual ideology is pushed on our young people in schools----another reason to homeschool.

--->TIME belittles Catholic teaching and The New York Times belittles crisis pregnancy centers, dismisses abortion-breast cancer link... Note that the NYT has to acknowledge the concerns since it has a lot of facts to answer for...

One beast?--->Beyond Political Left and Right. The Left has only to be told to pay no heed to deeds, but rather to consider what President Obama "really" "desires" relative to our foreign wars and it becomes duly distracted, lost in illusory, weepy sentiment. Meanwhile, the Right is largely concerned with "victory" and "America's greatness," as well as facilitating the unfettered march of multinationals across the globe, as if this was "letting freedom ring". It's all very sad. We should be concerned with deeds (not mere words, poses, images) and justice, as we seek to call the nation to decency and peace.

If the Right is burdened by a tragic case of jingoism, the Left, while no less war-some, has been plagued by an embarrassing desire to constantly appear hip, the Lenny Bruce syndrome. And if the Right has been only too willing to overlook the grievous war crimes of their representatives, the Left has long been known to whistle past the genocidal Gulags of 'the comrades'.

--->Official: Tuesday Morning Shooting at Pentagon appears to be a 'random incident'...

Hand picked?--->Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican magazine notes, "At noon tomorrow, Pope Benedict XVI will announce the names of 22 new cardinals, according to reports from unnamed but generally reliable sources. If the consistory is announced, it is possible that among the men Benedict names will be his successor, the next Pope..."

--->Recently Deceased "June Cleaver" (Barbara Billingsley) like I've never seen her before...

--->Yikes! Stay Away from NYC If Possible? Lincoln Center (Like so much else there this year) Has Bedbugs too...

--->Do we really know what the new Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero would look like...?

--->What the! ...Well, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is evidently good for something...

Television today continues to highlight police, FBI and "Law and Order" shows---together with sex, violence, mindless entertainment and materialism. It appears regular viewers are being farmed.

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