Thursday, November 11, 2010

Us Military Single Largest Consumer of Energy in the World

2007: The truth is that the U.S. military is the single largest consumer of energy in the world. But as a wise man once said, don't confuse facts with reality. The reality is that even U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) does not know precisely where and how much energy it consumes...

Nigeria, with a population of more than 140 million, consumes as much energy as the U.S. military.

The DoD per capita[2] energy consumption (524 trillion Btu) is 10 times more than per capita energy consumption in China, or 30 times more than that of Africa.
Total final energy consumption (called site delivered energy by DoD) of the DoD was 844 trillion Btu in FY2006...Energy Bulletin, Archived May 21 2007

--->2009: Name the Planet's Biggest Gas Guzzler...The U.S. military is the single-largest purchaser and consumer of oil in the world

--->2010: Here's some sobering reminders that our military is shackled to its thirst for crude oil

(Note: the point in this post is not the peak oil controversy, but the military's admitted energy consumption---SH):

+ Out of the $20 billion the U.S. military spent on energy in 2008, 82.5% was to purchase crude oil. That's pretty scary considering oil prices collapsed during the second half of the year.

+ The U.S. military consumes well over 300,000 barrels of oil every day

+ The U.S. Department of Defense is (and always will be, in my humble opinion) the single largest energy consumer in the world.

+ In 2007, the average U.S. soldier used up 15 gallons of oil per day, making the American fighting men and women the most oil-consuming soldiers ever to stand on a battlefield.----EnergyandCapitol, The DoD Fires a Peak Oil Warning Shot, Keith Kohl Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

--->The impact of war on the environment and human health

--->Double Standards. Kuwait April 11, 2010: Khaled Al Hajri, chairman of Green Line Environmental Group (GLEG), on Saturday warned against the impact of the US Army’s radioactive waste on the region, accused the American administration of having ‘double standards’ in dealing with environmental issues and urged the Gulf countries to take appropriate action on the issue.

Masters of the Apocalypse

Today on Fox News (4:30 PM EST) the former rabid Trostkyite, David Horowitz, who turned late with so many of his former comrades into (imagine!) rabid capitalist-Neocons, announced that the US educational system was unrealistic, that we shouldn't have multi tiered college levels (Community colleges!) but we should face the alleged fact that most people do not have the brains to go to college and should just learn trades instead. I don't know what Vladimir Horwowitz and his friends have been smoking, but any carpenter who can build a nice solid house---a real home for someone---is probably a heck of a lot smarter than any Con man speculator who makes lotsa money in their self-serving Casino which they call "the economy"--- all without producing anything---simply by lending money at usurious rates, and bundling worker-savings into new loans and bets to make a killing on what others produce, 10-1 ('fractional reserve' banking)

These heisters think the risk they supposedly take with other people's money is real "work". Ha!

Harvard business schoolTurn on the TV and often enough you'll find self-proclaimed, er, experts like Horowitz aplenty ---in the media, in banking or (God help us) academia (I love concocted 'disciplines' like "sociology" - read: social engineering); you know, all the 'experts' explaining it all to us 'lower' intelligences, who weren't destined to enter the halls of the elites like the comrades.

Take the Harvard Business School... Every year it churns out legacy admission pinheads and other experts who then promptly fly to Wall Street and / or to key positions within the international banking system, big law firms, Hollywood, whatever...

But Phillip Broughton of the Times Online, in the midst of the global financial meltdown, had the audacity to ask those like David Horowitz and the others, "If ... Harvard MBAs---all those geniuses, are so clever," how come so many ended in disgrace---or should have? Horowitz must really think we are brainless if he doesn't think we see what he and the comrades are up to!

--->Mr. Obama gets the book thrown at him.... Note: I don't get when people say it's mostly "racists" who oppose Mr. Obama. Didn't he have a caucasian mother? What has Mr. Obama done for Black people? Look who he surrounded himself with from the beginning, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Hillary, et al, and all the Bush leaguer's? This is a Wall Street man if there ever was one.

--->420 banks demand one-world currency

--->Who's upset over the economy? Everybody, everywhere

--->Abortion Center Director Guilty of False Bomb Threat Report, Used Egg Timer...

Benedict XVI Warns Usury Leads to Despair

In Caritas in Veritate (2009), in the midst of the most severe global crisis since the Great Depression, Pope Benedict XVI, wrote, "...In these days when financial difficulties can become severe for many of the more vulnerable sectors of the population, [they] should be protected from the risk of usury and from despair" (No. 65)

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