Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Out: Not Bad for an Older Man

Glenn Campbell was born in 1936. This was recorded on PBS in 2006, which would have made him 70 And he sounded like he was 35! (Forgive the "dinkydope" channel owner!) The song was written by Jimmy Webb who wrote this pop classic too and many others.

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  1. A chatter from Arizona says Glen lived next door to a friend whom he and a friend hung around with on weekends when they were young. Glen would always come out on the porch in his bathrobe and talk to them, mostly about music. Very nice man. On one regular visiting day before they could pass his house to get to their friend's, he was concerned, serious, "Hey, guys, before you go over there, do you know your friend is gay?" (One can't make this stuff up!)

    Nice song. Nice man.