Friday, October 1, 2010

Charles de Foucauld, Islam, and the Dialog of Presence

Johan Bonny writes,

...In his many spiritual writings, Charles de Foucauld described the character and the purpose of his presence in the [Saharan] desert, living [and being killed] among a non-Christian majority [among the Muslims he loved].

"My evangelization must be an evangelization of goodness. Seeing me, they should say: "since this man is so good, his religion must be good"'. If they ask why I am tender and good, I should say: Because I am the servant of someone much better than me. If only you knew how good my Master Jesus is! I would like to be so good that they would say "If that is the servant, how is the Master then?" (1909, p. 383)

And elsewhere: 'In fact; we do not contribute to the glorification of God, to the work of our Lord, to the salvation of the people by oral predication of the Gospel, we contribute- efficiently to this by bringing to the nations Jesus, who is present. in the Eucharist, Jesus offered in the Holy Sacrifice, the evangelical virtues and the charity of the Heart of Jesus that we try to practice...Read it all

A Ratzinger from Four Centuries Ago. In Beijing

by Sandro Magister

The remarkable resemblance between the missionary method of Matteo Ricci in seventeenth-century China and the dialogue between Christianity and cultures proposed today by Benedict XVI

...In dialoguing with the intellectual circles of Beijing at the time, Ricci adopted an approach remarkably similar to the one proposed by Benedict XVI today. He knew very well that the Christian Gospel was an absolute innovation, come from God. But he knew that human reason also has its origin in the one Lord of Heaven, and is common to all who live under the same sky.

He was therefore confident that the Chinese could also accept "the things of our holy faith," if these were "confirmed by much evidence of reason."

His proclamation of the Christian news was therefore gradual. He took his cues from the philosophical principles of Confucianism, from the traits it had in common with the Christian vision of God and of the world, in order to build gradually to the absolute novelty of the Son of God made man in Jesus. ...Read it all

--->How the Father always judged those who did not know Christ but who either showed "implicit faith" by observing the natural law in their hearts, or did not (Cf. also Pius IX, Quanto Conficiamur Moerore, #7, etc).


--->Benedict Calls for Worldwide Vigil for All Nascent Human Life

--->Rick Sanchez fired from CNN for calling Jon Stewart bigot & Talking About CNN Executives ; and see here where the text more clearly shows Sanchez was cynically lured into the Jewish thing. Sanchez was largely talking political establishments, the working class vs. the elites, not Jew-Gentile. As usual the working class got dumped. "You brought the whole Jewish conversation into this," Sanchez said earlier.

--->Feds Sue Fox News...

--->Kristof’s Error: Population Control is an Easy, but Wrong Solution

--->Pro-Lifers Will Fail Unless We Confront the ‘Corruption of Innocence’, Says president of Family of the Americas

--->The New Food Wars: Globalization GMOs and Biofuels. There are few people I could call brilliant and wise. This Hindu physicist and traditional ecologist, is one such and on a very important subject. You might take the time to listen to her talks and then the pernicious forms of globalization (our "NWO") will be mysterious no more. Her long activism and message urgently needs to be heard for the sake of our neighbor who the Lord said is whoever is hurting and in need. People are dying of hunger, and she tells why. And it's not overpopulation...Here she says the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) are largely to blame for the world food crisis...The World Bank and IMF, she says, are threatening global food security for the sake of Monsanto profit as well as other multinationals. The evil genius of globalization is seen in its constant transvaluation of perfectly decent terms like sustainability and localization, co-opted for the interests of an elite few corporate powers which seek to control (and so 'own') the whole. Hear the true story of Hillary and the cow and the matter of real wealth here.

--->Brands, Globalization & Resistance...What's really behind the selling signs and symbols?

--->Noam Chomsky: What is globalization?

--->Global employment crisis will stir social unrest, warns UN agency. Global employment will not recover to pre-crisis levels until 2015 if current policies are pursued, creating social tension, the International Labour Organisation has warned

--->Internet Censorship Bill is Delayed ---For Now. "This is a censorship bill that runs roughshod over freedom of speech on the Internet....would undermine basic Internet infrastructure"

--->'Serious Insider' Tells CNBC's Kudlow NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Next Treasury Secretary
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