Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it gets better. Take my wife. We were driving home from Mass tonight and my wife happens to tell me of a repeat she saw on television last night. She had wanted to tell me before but forgot and so seeing it again reminded her.

The program was House. The quirky, crabby old genius of a doctor played by a very talented British actor, Hugh Laurie. Dr. House is kept on the staff at this hospital despite his cantankerous ways because he practices a kind of forensic medicine, he attempts to find the problem when diagnosis eludes everyone else.

Anyway, in this episode, my wife is relating to me, Dr. House needs to treat a sick woman carrying a sick "fetus" inside of her. House, a cynical man if there ever was one, tells the woman emphatically not to have the baby. That "fetus" he said "is killing you" and he said it may very well kill her. He refuses to call the baby inside of its mother anything but a "fetus," except for a "blob" once or twice. The mother refuses. "I will not have an abortion!" the mother insisted more than once. House is disgusted by this prolifer willing to die for the blob.

Finally it is determined the "fetus'" kidney or liver wasn't functioning and the mother is jaundice, dying. House and his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, decide to perform surgery on the blob within its mother. Dr. Cuddy believes it is a baby not a blob.

Actual event photographed at a Vanderbilt University hospital in 1999. Dr. Michael ClancyAnd, lo, in the midst of the operation, the baby's little hand comes out and grabs Dr. House's bloody finger. Even the fingernail was conspicuous. Needless to say Dr. House is shocked, awestruck; my wife says his eyes were so emotionally expressive, so moving. The operating team after a minute, observing the emotional scene, had to nudge him to continue with the surgery. There was no delivery, because only surgery was intended.

After the operation House visits the mother in her room. He looks at the mother's stomach and back at the mother. He tells her, "You and your baby are doing fine now". The woman looked at him and said, "You know, this is the first time you called him a baby". And again the camera focuses on House's mesmerizing emotional eyes as he walks out of the room. Wow.

--->Update: But then again...did I speak too soon (click)? I guess we'll have to settle for a slice of the pie for now. Praise and encourage the good, and understand that bigotry dies hard.

On the Blockade of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility

by Anne Rampa

I am not a perfect person. There are times when I behave badly, speak wrongly, make mistakes, rashly act in fear or frustration. I do not claim any sort of moral superiority--I don't have it--I have shame instead. I am ashamed. I know very well what it is to be guilty of wrong-doing. It is in this knowledge that I humbly stand in the driveway of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility...Read it all

--->Peter Hitchens: Is university really such a good thing? I spent three years learning to be a Trot..."I think this debauching of the minds and bodies of the young is more or less deliberate. The horrible liberal Woodrow Wilson, who eventually became President of the United States, was originally an academic who once blurted out the truth as seen by many such people. He said in a rare moment of candour: ‘Our aim is to turn out young men as unlike their fathers as possible.’

simplicity and goodness v. mere academics"Well, look at the modern world...Idealist wars that slaughter millions ...Read it all

Note: David Horowitz said something similar recently, but based his opinion, if I heard him correctly, on simple economic realities, the rich will go to school, the poor to the trades; and unlike Hitchens, Mr. Horowitz approves the wars of the 'Enlightened' West.

--->Who Needs Pharmacists? Hospital robots cut hospital pharmacy bill (and though the bosses don't admit it, jobs soon enough). Administrators at a new £300m hospital in central Scotland say pharmacy robots have cut errors and costs by £700,000

--->Opinion: The Global Warming Scam Hit by More Scandal
-- Brian Westenhaus,

"If an occupying power did to us what the European Union does – carted off huge piles of national wealth, robbed us of our right to make our own foreign policy or laws, abolished our passports, compelled us to import its goods at preferential rates, cut us off from the English-speaking world while forcing us to allow in ­millions of continental workers (inclu­ding doctors who cannot speak English), dem­anded the right to arrest our people and carry them off to unfair trials on the Continent, ordered our MPs and courts about, closed rural post offices, fined market traders for selling vege­tables in pounds and ounces – we’d be in revolt. But because our own political leaders allow this to happen, anyone who opposes the EU membership that lies behind all this is dismissed as an extremist or meaninglessly sneered at as a ‘Little Englander’. One day, people will wonder why ---Peter Hitchens

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  1. Its peculiar thing about mainstream Hollywood. As anti-dogmatic as it is when it comes to abortion it often takes a pro-life position. In dramas or sitcoms when a pregnant woman is confronted with the choice of whether to have a baby or have an abortion the choice is usually to have the baby, and when there is a live audience there is cheering. I believe this indicates that the light of truth is still burning in our society even in Hollywood writers, who can be both purveyers and reflectors of the current secular zietgiest.