Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Artist

He hides behind metaphors, and endlessly searches. But Jesus said He who seeks shall find. Does today's artist really want to find before the debt Collector arrives? How I hope so. I'm sure some do and they are truly blessed; and many do not, preferring the constructed mystique of themselves to the finding. The artist here feels his alienation. But pain, when it is not a pose, is a pointing.

How Many Chucks Can a Woodchuck Chuck...

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf answers those who, alas, tie themselves into private knots; he answers what was clarified centuries ago, and in more recent times for the stone deaf by Pius X, Pius XI, Pius XII, and so on...Read it all

That's a lot of Piuses. Those who try to 'prooftext' some of the fathers instead of allowing the living magisterium to answer, which alone authoritatively interprets the fathers, are collapsing into sola traditio, Ka-plunk, heading straight for Riddle-and-Knot Land, theological Quicksand, or, whoa, the Cliffs...

What Made St. Therese of Lisieux a Holy One (Saint)

Besides her general holiness, when she knew that she was dying at the age of 24 she said this:

"I don't want to die more than to live; that is, if I had the choice I would prefer to die [to be with the Lord]. But since it is God who makes the choice for me, I prefer what He wills. It is what He does that I love"---Last Conversations, Institute of Carmelite Studies, Washington D.C. 1977

"It is what He does that I love". That is beautiful total abandonment to the Lord.

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