Saturday, October 16, 2010

Therese, A Radiant Film

Click for movie at AmazonSome years ago I happened to catch this wonderful French film on the life of St. Therese of Lisieux on television and taped it. It has been a treasure for us ever since, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. In fact I try to recommend it every year. This production is effused with both realism and sublime spirituality.

I have seen a number of movies about the Little Flower over the years but this movie by French director Alain Cavalier stands alone for me in its simplicity, beauty, without minimizing the sufferings of the Saint towards the end of her young life at age 24. There is no bad or artificial acting here, and the subtitles do not distract in the least. The basic facts of her life are traced faithfully, even if there are a few details I was unfamiliar with and would like to see sourced. But no matter. It is said to be based on the actual journal entries of St. Therese.

When looking into actress Catherine Mouchet's face it is difficult to remember that one is not looking into the face of the actual saint, so much does she resemble her (not too obvious perhaps in the photo above) and so riveting is the acting. I found (and still find) Mouchet's performance to be magnificent and the director's method of fading in and out of scene very moving. But I will let a Netflix reviewer tell the rest:

"This austerely brilliant movie is definitely not for everyone. It is not a fancy Hollywood movie that shows us miracles and lights streaming down from heaven. Rather, it illustrates the qualities of monastic life, and the impossibility of knowing what really goes on inside another's soul from the exterior.

The radiant central performance is, in a way, a sort of conundrum, at once naive and pained, joyous and perplexed. In short, it is a snapshot of a life of the spirit, viewed from the outside (as, after all, all such portraits inherently must be). This is an honest film about an unfilmable subject. Drop your expectations and let it wash over you..."

The film captured the the national film award of France in 1986 (the Cesar Awards), and also won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize.

--->Benedict to Canonize A Nun Sunday Who ...Reported a Deviant

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--->Full Length - Zbigniew Brzezinski Nov 2009 to Council on Foreign Relations: offers "insight into his recent Foreign Affairs article An Agenda for NATO, which examines NATOs history and next course of action, as well as his thoughts on the broader challenges confronting U.S. foreign policy"

--->The War On Terror: Paul Craig Roberts on Blowback. "The 'war on terror' is now in its tenth year...The bottom line answer is that the “war on terror” is about creating real terrorists. The US government creates terrorists by invading Muslim countries, wrecking infrastructure and killing vast numbers of civilians. The US also creates terrorists by installing puppet governments to rule over Muslims and by using the puppet governments to murder and persecute citizens as is occurring on a vast scale in Pakistan today. Neoconservatives used 9/11 to launch their plan for US world hegemony ...Read it all

--->"...the solution to our economic crisis lies in drastically
reducing our military budget"

--->GPS Tracking. A simple oil change reignites debate over GPS trackers. "One federal judge wrote that the widespread use of the device was straight out of George Orwell's novel, '1984'"

"I am in blood Step't in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as going o'er: Strange things I have in head, that will to hand; Which must be acted ere they may be scann'd"---Act III, Macbeth

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