Thursday, October 21, 2010

The End of Darwinism

by Eugene G. Windchy

Ever since Charles Darwin was alive, mathematicians have criticized his theory as nonsensical

Both the Nazis and the Communists seized upon survival of the fittest theory in order to justify their wars and genocides. Was the science as bad as the morality? The End of Darwinism reports that the history of Darwinism is full of deception, error, and politics:

A series of famous biologists have appeared to support Darwin’s explanation for biological change while not actually believing in it. Even Thomas Huxley. “Darwin’s bulldog,” privately rejected Darwin’s principles of gradual transformation and survival of the fittest. But Huxley needed the money he could make writing on a controversial topic, and he had a grudge against the church. Huxley boasted that, against the church, evolution was his “Whitworth gun,” an advanced firearm of the time.

Textbooks have been infested with phony examples of natural selection. Most popular has been Darwin’s explanation for the height of the giraffe. This is an absurd mistake stemming from the English scientist’s ignorance of giraffes and their feeding habits. Nevertheless, it has been published for nearly 140 years--so desperate are the Darwinists for evidence.

Another textbook falsehood more than a hundred years old is the claim of gills on the human embryo.

Few biologists have the nerve to go against the science establishment by criticizing Darwinism in public, However, Lynn Margulis, the world’s leading authority on microbial evolution, notes the lack of evidence and calls Darwinism a “religious sect.”

Ever since Charles Darwin was alive, mathematicians have criticized his theory as nonsensical. In 1966, a big international conference pitted mathematicians against leading evolutionary biologists.

In 1980, a conference of 160 biologists decided that Darwinism does not explain major evolutionary events, but in order to thwart the creationists, the biologists organized an amazingly effective cover-up... the book

--->Monopoly of Darwinism Must End. "A leading Russian Orthodox prelate has called for an end to a 'monopoly of Darwinism' in schools and the idea “that science generally contradicts religion..."Darwin’s theory remains a theory,” he said. “This means that it should be taught to children as one of several theories, but children should know that others also exist...Read it all

--->Heavyweight 'Philosophers' Clash at Abortion Conference. “An infant has no moral status because he is not self-aware,” said Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics.

"Singer argued this point at an historic conference he co-organized at Princeton University last weekend, seeking new dialogue on the heated issue of abortion. Remarkably, for a conference examining abortion, there was virtually no discussion about the act of abortion itself.

“We have to get rid of the idea of evil,” said Frances Kissling, an abortion rights advocate turned bioethics 'scholar', who also organized the conference...

Note: If Singer and Kissling can flatter themselves to be scholars and philosophers then so was Dr. Josef Mengele, because their trains all begin and stop at the same death ports and destinations. At least the monster Mengele frankly acknowledged ideogical enemies and didn't pose as an angel.

--->Jeffrey Dahmer's Sermon...

--->Charles Darwin and the children of the evolution. Now a sinister link has emerged between his work and the recent spate of high-school killings by crazed, nihilistic teenagers...

--->Wear a Buddha. Wear the Star of David. Wear an atheist evolve fish, even if religious students take offense. Just don’t wear a rosary while attending Mann Middle School...

--->As the Middle Class and poor hurt, 37 'Arts' Organizations in San Francisco Got $1.4 Million in Federal 'Stimulus' Money... Note: It is not stupidity at work here, but sheer contempt as shown in the priorities chosen.

--->What is the "antichristic"?

Those who understand that life is a Gift understand why they have to answer for it. Those who think they are here by some mathematically impossible stroke of 'luck' see the world as predator and prey. So they jockey for position.

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