Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Danger of Obama's Secret Policy

by Tom Hayden

Bob Woodward’s book Obama’s Wars should scare the he-- out of you. It is essential reading—between the lines—for anyone seeking a map out of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Here is one example: If and when a terrorist attack occurs in the United States which can be traced to Pakistan, the American military response will be a “retribution plan” to bomb at least 150 targets in Pakistan. The plan is “one of the most sensitive and secret of all military contingencies,” Woodward writes.

There is no discussion of The Day After in this scenario of saturation bombing. Nor did the President and his advisers have “anything on the shelf [which] specifically addressed securing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.”

Such an attack already has been attempted this year, when Faisal Shahzad, who was funded and trained by the Pakistani Taliban, placed a car bomb in Times Square on May 1...The reader is left with the impression that another massive and traumatic assault is to be expected in the US in the near future. We are living “on borrowed time,” according to one adviser...I am not ready to share this information with my ten-year-old son. Has Obama told his daughters? Is it best that no one know while trusting the experts to protect us?

...As we await “the game changer,” we learn that the Pentagon already is protecting us by a top-secret war in Pakistan, the new "center of gravity," plus an expedited escalation in Afghanistan featuring nightly raids by Special Forces...According to the New America Foundation, between 2004-7, there were only nine drone strikes; in 2008, the number rose to 34; in 2009, 53; there have been eighty so far this year. Night raids in Afghanistan have risen from one hundred per month, to 1,000 per month.

The savagery is kept secret from the American people, but not the Muslim world...That’s not all. Woodward neglects to describe, at least for this book, the secret Long War already unfolding in at least nineteen countries, under a classified order signed by Gen. David Petraeus last year...he does quote Petraeus saying, “This is the kind of fight we’re in for the rest of our lives and probably our kids’ lives.” "Then," Hayden says, "comes blowback"...[On the other hand] The president is quoted as recognizing that he "cannot lose the Democratic Party" and that opposition to Afghanistan will keep increasing on Capitol Hill as the next presidential election nears...The paradox is that he is escalating the war now in order to begin de-escalating sooner than his generals want...Read it all

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--->Sex with Enemies Okay According to Israeli Rabbi...No it's not a joke. Rabbi Ari Shvat has ruled that it is permissible for female agents of Israel's spy service, Mossad, to use sex as a tool to fight terror

Note: " at least nineteen countries...the rest of our lives..." When even Progressives like Tom Hayden are worried, there is reason for concern. And Woodward we know is not a journalist to be lightly dismissed, whatever one's interpretation of his information. There has been enough fighting, enough punishing, and God forbid that we now seek only to expand a new empire through occupation. For that would only beg for blowback, indeed invite it, which would be a great crime of provocation. It is time to negotiate the peace, beyond all fears.

--->Amnesty International, which normally advocates for life, would decriminalize the other holocaust, the deliberate killing of babies...

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