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Brave New World Order: America as a Cultural Vacuum

by Thomas Storck

"...When she invites all to appropriate for themselves a history that is not theirs, does she render us non-persons, as we deny our "identity, language, culture, customs, traditions, history?" I think that the answer the United States would make to this charge is to maintain that these things, though doubtless nice in their place, are not of supreme importance. What matters that the cultural, intellectual, historical traditions that are in fact native to you are lost? Something greater is present here, something that goes to the bedrock of human nature, something that wipes away the cobwebs of the crusty traditions and customs of the Old World. The New Man is being created here, this is the Novus Ordo Seclorum, as our Great Seal proclaims, the New Order of the Ages.

It should be obvious that there are profound differences between the philosophy of man that America upholds and that of traditional mankind. America is full of "chiefless folk," and instead of deploring it, she celebrates it and invites us all to celebrate with her. If America is an "idea," then this idea can be extended over the entire world, and instead of men being defined by their roots and ties, they will be liberated atoms in a rational void.
Unfortunately, most Americans have evinced all too little discomfort with this state of affairs. Most of us have been eager to embrace the material goods delivered, or at least promised, by the new country, and to let others worry about the question of lost cultures and such matters ...Read it all

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Thomas Storck's work has appeared in numerous publications and websites in North America and Europe. He served as a contributing editor for Caelum et Terra from 1991 until the magazine closed in 1996 and the New Oxford Review from 1996 to 2006. Since 1998 he has been a member of the editorial board of The Chesterton Review. He is the author of The Catholic Milieu, also Christendom and the West and Foundations of a Catholic Political Order. Note: We had a little phone line interference on this webcast, but you can hear fine anyway.

--->Since bedbugs appear to be inundating New York City, from luxury stores to the very UN, (see search engines for media reports), perhaps people should know what the possible health implications could be...

--->Video Interview with Cathy Crowe, Canadian Street Nurse to the Homeless. See video interview here... Read also Cathy Crowe's 2009 antiwar speech Housing not Wars, Put down the guns and pick up the hammers...

--->ADHD Misdiagnosed In Nearly 1 Million U.S. Kids Say Researchers...(Click) "If a child is behaving poorly, if he's inattentive, if he can't sit still, it may simply be because he's 5 and the other kids are 6."

--->Report: Baby Boomers Urged by Some to Get Out of the Stock Market Now, "the Rug is Being Pulled Out By Insiders...CNBC reports insider selling-to-buying ratio for top firms is a staggering 3177 to 1...." Note: Of course make your own judgments after your own research.

--->Globe and Mail: The scary actual U.S. government debt

--->Iran Offers To Return To Nuclear Talks...

--->Mr. Obama Sees Missing Link and is "Evolving"...on Homosexual "Marriage". "Outlining his position on gay marriage, the president said he has been unwilling to sign on to it "primarily because of my understandings of the traditional definitions of marriage." He added, "But I also think you’re right that attitudes evolve, including mine." ...More

--->RFK: There were definitely multiple shooters (including Sirhan Sirhan) that night in 1968 says famous journalist John Pilger who was with RFK at the time he was shot.. ; and with respect to more than one shooter, CBS News reported essentially the same...

--->Woman who on election weekend 'posted Al Qaeda printer bombs' arrested in Yemen as David Cameron says device could have blown jet out of sky... Note: The danger of our disproportionate planetary wars and occupations is that it increases the likelihood of blowback... Only by negotiating peace and justice for all can we break the cycle of violence. Give this woman her day in court where evidence can be presented and evaluated by a jury and the public, not years in the dank immoral isolation of torture chambers. Isolated acts of terrorism---which have always existed practically everywhere, and of which we have hardly been guiltless ourselves (click)---should be treated as crimes and not as some invasion from other worlds. The perpetrators should be caught and brought to justice just as in any crime. Reflexive overreaction, paranoia, makes us look foolish, bumbling, or wicked.

--->Update: Yemeni officials free suspect in Al Qaeda bomb plot...

What's this guy smiling about?--->I saw a television Ad for Northern Trust financial services recently in which a man says "I am reading a book"; then the camera pans to (an Ad embedded within an Ad) a man reading on his "Kindle" device---which is coordinated with everything else on the electronic potential surveillance grid---and he asks, "What's a book"? I was not amused. Our grandchildren will never forgive us if we bequeath to them a total surveillance electronic society. In the meantime we can use the visual media to change it (TV, Internet, radio; it's called nonviolent and legal 'culture jamming') and to protect what has proved traditional, good and lasting, with privacy and traditional books way at the top of the list. Every day that we do nothing sees our privacy slipping away. Television content should be observed I believe, not merely "watched".

--->PS: Oh and the Kindle reader is an OEM made in (atrocious human rights violating) China...(click), which is (and probably has been since Mao's evil revolution) the surveillance capitol of the world (click), with Britain, Europe and the US following swiftly on its bloody heels. We owe a great debt of ingratitude to!

--->Pope v. NWO: says bishops must educate faithful to vote against abortion, euthanasia...

"Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. — Henry David Thoreau, (1854!) --- [This Post Last Updated: 10.31.10 / PM]

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