Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bono’s Bad Ideas

by Steven Sherman

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I hate Bono. He epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Clinton / Blair style liberalism: an intense desire to appear to care about the world, matched only by a complete unwillingness to stand up to any of the corporate or militarist complexes that stand in the way of progress. On the issue that should stand as a minimal test of conviction–opposing the Iraq war–Bono failed. And he is a huge tax evader, to boot.

Recently the New York Times signed him on as an Op-Ed Guest Columnist. On January 3, Bono offered his “10 ideas that might make the next 10 years more interesting, healthy, or civil.”

...I frankly don’t know why we need a music industry, or any other cultural industry. Occasional exceptions aside, their products aren’t very good, rather like industry-produced food. If they collapsed, people would continue to tell stories, sing songs, make videos, etc. and people would continue to circulate them over the internet. The most talented or ambitious would manage to make a living through them, one way or another. There are many different ways creativity could be funded, instead of giving over vast tracks of space, airwaves, etc to corporate culture appealing to the lowest common demoninator. And trying to save that corporate economy through intellectual property laws wreaks havoc in important other fields–--poor countries ability to access the latest medicine is much more important than the ‘right’ of a music or movie corporation to stay afloat...the ridiculous wealth of the Bonos of the world...

First off, “Intellectual Property Developers”...Read it all

Note: A lot of this needed to be said as constructive criticism. I hope it gets better for Bono. Because he has done good too.

And then there is this...Bono's ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity...

--->Opinion - Tort Reform is About Juries, Not Lawyers says Attorney Clay Rossi. "Ask yourself, 'Who do you trust most?' In answer to that question most folks will respond by thinking of family members, their co-workers, and their neighbors. Public opinion polls usually rate as the most trustworthy professions firemen, teachers, and nurses. Near the bottom of the list of trusted professions are usually lawyers, politicians, and journalists...The tort reform debate has been framed as a way to prevent frivolous law suits filed by greedy lawyers on the behalf of unworthy clients. Funny how the “reformers” never mention the judges – and seldom mention the juries (unless it is to mock them for their “obscene” awards). The focus of tort reform rhetoric does not fit with the nuts and bolts of how litigations works, but reform advocates don’t want the facts to get in the way of their argument. Here are some points to consider ...Read it all

--->Brian Terrell: A story of two Cathedrals and Our Lady the Hibakusha. "...There, a few feet beyond the altar rail was a simple, low table. On this table was a charred, broken piece of sculpture that I recognized from photographs as Mary the Hibakusha. The archbishop brought with him to New York the head that was all that was left of a full scale statue of Mary, the mother of Jesus, found in the rubble of Nagasaki’s Urakami...John Schuchardt told the media how Bishop Sullivan shook his hand while recessing from the altar after Mass. “You must speak about the atomic bombed Mother of God,” John implored the bishop. “It's not my job,” was the bishop’s retort." ...Scroll to story (may take a moment for .pdf to download)

--->Opinion: Nobel's Pro-Military Agenda and the Future World Order

--->Odd Bedfellows? Operation Mockingbird: a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence domestic and foreign media beginning in the 1950s... In addition to everything else, of interest here is how Operation Mockingbird was "unleashed" on Senator Joseph McCarthy who accused the CIA of nesting Communist-sympathizers. Then another piece on how media was co-opted by government, Carl Bernstein's 1977 article, The CIA and the Media...

Cliff 'Watchman' Saves Hundreds from Suicide with Kindness and a Smile. According to official estimates, Ritchie and his wife Moya have saved 160 lives during the 45 years they have lived near the Gap Park, usually simply by inviting potential suicides in to tea...Each day, as he sits in his favorite chair at his cliffside home, he looks up and scans the precipice that takes the lives of approximately 50 suicide jumpers each year, trying to discern the intentions of visitors. When somebody seems to be lingering too long at the cliff, he walks out to talk to him...Read it all

--->E. Michael Jones: [Catholic] Traditionalism at the End of its Tether...

--->An Exchange of Views between SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson and E. Michael Jones...

--->"Kinsey paid my father to rape me". Subject of 1940s 'research' goes public with horrific details of abuse by dad...

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline"---2 Tim 1:7

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